Better You/Challenge 12

How is that new workout music doing? I told you! Made the week better didn’t it?!?!

This week I challenge you to track you food with a food journal if you aren’t already!

A food journal is a great way to see what you are eating, how much, and when!

Really this is the best way to be healthy and lose a few extra pounds. In the past I have just written it in a small notebook but since I got my new fitbit I have been just using their app. It was hard at first estimating portions and calories but I have done it so much and for so long it is just easy for me now! You will get there!

The one below is a little much for me but there are a lot of great ones online as well as apps!

Mine is usually a 3 inch small notebook and I jot down breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner! But you can go all out and do charts like below or other things online!

Good Luck and See you next Sunday! 

thanks for the journal image


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