Better You/Challenge 13


Last Easter I was having Grey so this Easter maybe I will actually get to see the kids with their Easter Bunny Baskets!

How are all the challenges going? I still want you to work on all the past ones we did! I am still drinking water, still paying it forward, trying to do mask, vitamins, mediate, try new workouts, keep up with my food journal, and so forth! This week the challenge is to drink green tea!

Everyday I want you to have 1 cup of green tea!

Good Luck and See you Next Sunday! thanks for the image


Better You/Challenge 12

How is that new workout music doing? I told you! Made the week better didn’t it?!?!

This week I challenge you to track you food with a food journal if you aren’t already!

A food journal is a great way to see what you are eating, how much, and when!

Really this is the best way to be healthy and lose a few extra pounds. In the past I have just written it in a small notebook but since I got my new fitbit I have been just using their app. It was hard at first estimating portions and calories but I have done it so much and for so long it is just easy for me now! You will get there!

The one below is a little much for me but there are a lot of great ones online as well as apps!

Mine is usually a 3 inch small notebook and I jot down breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner! But you can go all out and do charts like below or other things online!

Good Luck and See you next Sunday! 

thanks for the journal image

Better You/Challenge 11

Challenge 11 is easy and fun! Ready?!?!?! Here it is…..


That is it! Really how simple is that? It isn’t like back in the day when you would have to make a mixed tape! You can download new songs right to your phone in just a few minutes! This will help you get to and through your workout! Music always make the workout more fun and pass by quicker!

New music + working out = happier, healthier you!


Get to it! Here are a few songs I am liking right now some older, some newer:

Ex’ and Oh’s – Elle King

Caribbean Queen – Billy Ocean

Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay

Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Come As You Are – Nirvana

thanks for the image

Better You/Challenge 10

How are you doing? What about Water? Paying it Forward? Mask? Raw Veggies? Vitamins? Meditation? 

This week I want you to have NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!

That is right…you heard me! NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!

Whenever a negative thought pops in your head you push it right back out! Doesn’t matter if it is about yourself, the person next to you, whatever it is……NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!!!


thanks for the image