Better You Project/Challenge 8

How are you doing? Are you trying to do my challenges? I know they have made me feel better! I have been more positive and really focused on being a better person! That is my goal at the end of the year! I want to have worked on myself so much that by the end of the year I am a BETTER PERSON OVERALL!! To be a better person that sometimes means taking care of myself with a facial or meditation or a jog! Some of these challenges may sound silly but they are reminders to take care of ourselves mind, body, and spirit! 

Still drinking your water? I am! I average between 1/2 to 1 gallon a day! NOT everyday! I have my bad days for sure! I am getting obsessed with water now!  Still taking Vitamins? For the most part I am! Some days I accidentally miss but doing pretty good! What about raw veggies a day? Not everyday? Me neither. I am trying though! I haven’t eaten them almost everyday! Whenever you have time to squeeze in a mask please do it and don’t forget to continue to pay it forward! I haven’t done the mask every week but I am going to try to be better at that. I am still paying it forward to people I am helping! As far as a different workout I changed it up by running 3 miles outside! I haven’t really done that in FOREVER! I have just been doing 1 mile or so on the treadmill! It was nice to get back outside and to run a longer distance! Did you write your loved ones notes and yourself a list?

This week I want you to Meditate! For just 5 minutes a day! Probably the best time is with your coffee in the morning or late a night before bed! Everyday this week try to set aside 5 minutes so that you can clear your head. I promise the mediation is going to help you think straight, relax, and be able to handle what is thrown your way!

See you next Sunday!

thanks for the images and quotes!


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