Coconut Oil in Coffee? Swishing it around in your mouth? WHAT?!?!

The benefits to coconut oil are wide as well as what all you can do with it!

I have been using coconut oil for a few years but I just started back putting it in my coffee a couple of months ago! I put just a small amount – usually around 1 tsp. and it melts right in. It gives a nice creamy texture to the coffee! I still add my warmed frothed milk but that is it! I use to drink coffee with sugar and milk but I taught myself to drink with just milk and now I add some coconut oil. Why? Well why not? I need a little good fat in my diet and (TMI here) I don’t use the bathroom a lot (use to be like 2 times a week – yep imagine how bloated my stomach always looked) so it keeps me going which makes me feel better and my stomach looks better.

My mom uses it in her mouth. I have done it some as well. She puts some in let’s it melt, swishes it around and spits it out. Don’t let it go to the back of throat because all the bacteria will got to the back. (also spit it in trashcan because the oil can solidify and mess up pipes after a while. See the benefits of oil pulling below as well as some more uses etc…

Go pick some up on your next grocery store visit and see how it works for you!

* at the bottom of each pict is the place where I got the information above*


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