Better You Project/ Challenge 6

Still drinking your water? Still taking Vitamins? What about raw veggies a day? Whenever you have time to squeeze in a mask please do it and don’t forget to continue to pay it forward! If you started helping someone last week don’t drop it this week! Continue to help them! If you bought a coffee or something like that for someone behind you try to do that 1 time a month then!

This week your challenge is to…….. 

Try a different or new exercise one day this week!

If you have never done yoga, barre, T25, PiYo, Zumba, Kickboxing, Spin, hiking..whatever it is TRY IT!! TRY SOMETHING NEW! It is always great to keep changing up your workout but how do you expect to find things you like if you don’t try?

My mom loves Pilates on the reformer now. I begged her to do it and she wasn’t very sure about it. She tried it and fell in love with it! So get out there and try something new this week! Sure it will be a challenge. Anything new is somewhat of a challenge because our fear sets in. Don’t let fear win this week!

Try a new exercise or workout by the end of the week!

See you next Sunday for the next challenge!


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