Better You Project/Challenge 4

Kyoku for Men Lava Masque, 5 Ounce

This week continue to drink 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water everyday, take your vitamins, eat a raw veggies and BY the end of the week give yourself a mask/facial OR treat yourself to one at the local spa. Yes I know this sounds a little crazy for this to be a challenge….BUT how often do we take care of our skin? Not very. We are so busy a lot of times we forget to wash our faces at night! So yes this is a challenge!!

I LOVE this mask above…. YES it is a man’s mask but I love it! SO MEN feel free to give yourself a mask without the judgement…it is actually a requirement if you want to do this challenge in its entirety! So if anybody tries to bring hate you are being forced to by me (good excuse right?!)

The link above will take you to amazon where you can buy it for about $7! You will thank me!

Wash your face really good with warm water and soap then give yourself a really nice scrub, then put on this mask! I love the Kate Somerville scrub below BUT it is expensive ($80) and only use it on “special” occasions. Once a week I usually use the equate blemish control scrub for $2 at Wal-Mart! I love it as well.

Equate Beauty Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, 6 oz

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment-2 oz.

You can find the Kate Somerville on Amazon and Sephora. The Equate Blemish Control scrub is at Wal-Mart! Go make your appointment or grab you some mask so you can complete your task by the end of the week!

thanks and for the images



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