Yoga is the key to the soul. Grab that key and unlock your inner self.

Well Tuesday Night it was my first time back to actual yoga class in 7 YEARS! When I got pregnant with Beckham I stopped going. I have been doing yoga at home randomly over the years but it feels so good to back! I feel so much lighter, more free, and relaxed. It is amazing how yoga can make you feel so connected to yourself and at peace.

As I walked out the door of pure craziness (kids were crying all over the place) I looked down to see my legs haven’t been shaved in a week, I had Cheetos on my yoga shirt, my mat was disgusting from the kids playing on it, and I was running late to get a spot but I was determined to go hot mess and all! As I sped to class and walked up the stairs I got really excited, so excited in fact it was like a kid on Christmas morning! I ran in to find a full class and a hard to find spot (but I go a spot!) I sat down closed my eyes and waited with my inner excitement somewhat contained. I just wanted to jump up and down and yell I’M BACK! As we started I immediately succumbed to the calmness that came over me even though Connor pushed us with some hard poses like crow and I even got into King Pigeon Pose (not as gracefully done as the girl below but I DID IT! Last time I did it full on was 7 or 8 years ago!) 

I got home and just felt so thankful and grateful for everything. A new and better attitude had emerged. Today that attitude has still continued from Tuesdays night yoga! That is the great thing about yoga…once you do it it has a way of changing how you think, feel, and act.

$15 a class/60$ a month = A BETTER ME! 

Yoga is the key to the soul. Grab that key and unlock your inner self. 

thanks and for the picts!


6 thoughts on “Yoga is the key to the soul. Grab that key and unlock your inner self.

    • ha! You’d probably be surprised at yourself! start with the beginners and move forward form there! I have men in my class! They do sit at the back!

      • TRUST me people fall the entire class ha! The worst thing that has happened in my class was the women next to me had some gas and happy baby pose didn’t help with that! Poor thing! I felt terrible for her because we all heard it! I WOULD HAVE DIED RIGHT THEN AND THERE! HA

      • OMG. I think that I would have died as well! There’s a groupon in my area, so maybe I’ll check out a class or two prior to commuting to it. The worst that can happen is that it will end up as a funny post here. 😀

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