“You just gotta keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N. ”

Wooderson from Dazed and Confused 

As I was reading my devotional I realized that we LIVE for material or pleasurable things. We live to eat, shop, workout, drink, go on vacation, get a new house, update our old house, get a new car, redo our hair, or wardrobe. I always knew our society was very much a materialistic society but WE LIVE for the moments such as these. If we are unhappy we shop, eat, drink, etc… to make us happy. The happiness is short-lived so we need more. So how can we live our life to the fullest and not be motivated by these things? I don’t know!! I am trying to figure it out just like you! I always love new outfits, can’t wait for my new home, love going out to eat or having a drink. I think the key is limits and to be happy where you are with what you have no matter what!

I think we can look forward to eating a great meal with family, or having a toddy with friends, or getting a bigger house to suit your family BUT I think we have to remember to not get bogged down by it. Have the house but don’t stress yourself trying to make the inside this masterpiece to show it off, have the drinks but don’t live for that moment everyday of the week, see what I am saying? Basically don’t get addicted to it. A lot of people are overweight simply because they are addicted to eating or have spending problems because they are addicted to shopping. These things take us away from our daily life. Some people need an escape and this is their escape. It is like a drug. You can be an addict to anything..food, working out, running, drinking, etc.. Everything in moderation comes to mind! BUT what I’m really thinking is ………….L-I-V-E YOUR LIFE. Be in the moment. Don’t think of the next item you’re getting or what the next meal you eat is. BE PRESENT! IT IS CALLED L_I_V_I_N

Are you missing so much time with your kids because you are working out 24/7? Are you missing out with family and friends because you have eaten so much and gained so much weight that you can’t do anything physically? YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON YOUR LIFE!! You are putting too much emphasis on eating or working out!

FOCUS ON JUST BEING IN THE MOMENT and L_I_V_I_N! Don’t look for the next thing you will get be happy with what you have. What you have is so much more than people in other countries have. You have hot/cold water that comes out of a faucet, you have a roof over your head, you have clothes, you have food, and so on. NOW think of all those people who DO NOT HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE. THEY WOULD BE GRATEFUL TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE.


shirtoid.tumblr.com thanks for the image


4 thoughts on “L-I-V-I-N

  1. Not sure my comment went through the first time, but I think that we spend so much time preparing for a day, a goal, that may never arrive. Carpe diem!

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