Better You Project/Challenge 2

This week your challenge is to continue to drink 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water everyday AND to add a daily vitamin! A lot of us are lacking the vitamins and nutrients that we need! We also forget to take our vitamins because we think they aren’t that big a deal BUT truth is we all need to take a little daily vitamin to make sure our body is staying as healthy as it can be!

So run to the store tonight or get online and order a daily vitamin! I take a women’s daily vitamin and also a vitamin C when I am feeling run down. I have trouble with my iron and so I take an extra iron at certain times when I feel that it is down.

Make sure you check with your doctor as well!!

See you next Sunday for your next challenge!

thanks for the image


2 thoughts on “Better You Project/Challenge 2

  1. After many years of ‘letting myself go’ you have given me the courage to ‘take myself back’. Love this blog and the inspiration! Thank you!

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