Better You Project

I am starting a challenge – The Better You Challenge

Each week on SUNDAY/MONDAY I will challenge you to do something that week for yourself. It may be drinking more water, taking vitamins, giving yourself a facial, treating yourself to a new pair of pants, etc… I hope you join in on the challenge to help you become a better person this year! The challenges will affect all parts of us. Sometimes they will be a reminder to take a moment for yourself and grab a coffee while others may say step it up a notch on your workout!

I simply want to be a better person and that is what this project is about. 2016 I want to put in the record books as a year of change! I want to totally wipe out all negativity and be as positive as I can be! I will hopefully learn to take a few more minutes for myself, take care of my skin, drink more water, eat healthier, pray more, not gossip, be more fun, relax more, less negativity, be inspiring and so on. I want to be the best me I can be! I am working on that and thought maybe some of you would as well!


This week the challenge has been to drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of water everyday! The days you don’t you have to do an extra 10 mins working out, walk an extra mile, or squeeze in an ab workout! (see that is reason to drink that water – then you won’t have to workout longer- ha!) Get ready to use the bathroom A LOT! I have yet to drink an entire gallon! I try to get there but just can’t get right to the bottom! I say as long as you drink 1/2 to 1 gallon a day you will be great! I am always so dehydrated and think a lot of us are and we don’t realize it! Drinking water will definitely make us feel better and healthier so chug away!

Drink that water everyday and next week’s challenge will be coming to you on Sunday! thanks for the photo


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