Just a quick thank you to your coach, teammate, and cheerleader up above.

HOW TRUE!!! Material things, people, and so forth will not be the ones to bring you true happiness! YOU have to have a relationship with God and thank him daily and ask him for help. YOU have to be thankful even in the bad. You have to find things to be thankful for even when it is bad. When we thought Grey would have skull surgery and all of these things I simply thanked God for giving Russell and I the strength to handle it. I thanked him to Dr. Wells. I thanked him for letting me notice what was wrong in such a short time. I thanked him for having family that would stick by and help me with kids if we had to be in out of the hospital. I never questioned. I never got angry. I started asking for help. I accepted what could happen. I started making my plans on how we would deal with it. I thanked God.

I am happy because I realize that any moment good or bad I am thankful for. It is why I am me and if I didn’t have good times and bad times then I would be dead. I wouldn’t be alive because a part of experiencing life will be bad times. Just like the marriage vows say in Good times and bad! Same thing with God and life. I will say thank you to God when it is good and when it is bad. Things could always get worse!

If you haven’t stopped and thanked the lord I suggest you do. Just a quick thank you to your coach, teammate, and cheerleader up above. He is always there to guide you, teach you, love you, help you, and root for you! Now can you do the same for him?

thanks homegrownhospitatlity.com for the image


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