Note to self……thank you sweatpants and coffee

Life is too short for bullshit. Isn’t it though??

I mean really. Does it matter if the parade you were working on didn’t start until 5 minutes late? Does it matter that your Christmas cards didn’t get out until a few days before Christmas? Does it matter that you had to buy the brownies for the kids Christmas party instead of making them? NO! Because no kid will remember or probably know or care that you bought the brownies. Nobody will remember the parade got started late or that they received your Christmas cards a little late.

I always talk about you never know when your last day on this earth is and you better live your life! We can let the little stuff get to us or we can let it go. I choose to let it go. I have had enough big things to worry about this year that the little things have been easy to shake off. I know, I know. When 85 things are being thrown in your direction it is hard to shake it off but just do it. As soon as you let something start bothering you tell yourself this…Life is too short to not LIVE! LIFE IS MAKING MISTAKES! LIFE ISN’T PERFECT! LIFE HAS ITS UP AND DOWNS. DOES THIS REALLY MATTER? IS THIS REALLY IMPORTANT OR PETTY? I COULD DIE THIS WEEK WOULD I REALLY WANT TO WORRY ABOUT THIS IF IT WAS MY LAST WEEK TO LIVE? 

We will all die one day and what was this life we were living ALL about? You make your life what it is. GO out and LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE PETTY INSIGNIFICANT THINGS! LIFE IS TOO SHORT!


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