Happy New Year!


I hope it is a wonderful year full of great life experiences for you all!

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Note to self……..

Don’t give up! Keep trying to be better!! Enough Said!




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Just a quick thank you to your coach, teammate, and cheerleader up above.

HOW TRUE!!! Material things, people, and so forth will not be the ones to bring you true happiness! YOU have to have a relationship with God and thank him daily and ask him for help. YOU have to be thankful even in the bad. You have to find things to be thankful for even when it is bad. When we thought Grey would have skull surgery and all of these things I simply thanked God for giving Russell and I the strength to handle it. I thanked him to Dr. Wells. I thanked him for letting me notice what was wrong in such a short time. I thanked him for having family that would stick by and help me with kids if we had to be in out of the hospital. I never questioned. I never got angry. I started asking for help. I accepted what could happen. I started making my plans on how we would deal with it. I thanked God.

I am happy because I realize that any moment good or bad I am thankful for. It is why I am me and if I didn’t have good times and bad times then I would be dead. I wouldn’t be alive because a part of experiencing life will be bad times. Just like the marriage vows say in Good times and bad! Same thing with God and life. I will say thank you to God when it is good and when it is bad. Things could always get worse!

If you haven’t stopped and thanked the lord I suggest you do. Just a quick thank you to your coach, teammate, and cheerleader up above. He is always there to guide you, teach you, love you, help you, and root for you! Now can you do the same for him?

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JUST BE YOU…with a little sugar on top

Be you…just be you! Now I mean that with a little sugar on top, ha! I try to just be me! TRY MY BEST but not always successful! I AM ME – I CAN ONLY BE ME because that is who I am. You will either like me or not… just like I either like you or don’t. NOW, I may not like you but I try to love you like God ask me to do. I try to appreciate things about you or find a little something nice. I try not to dislike everything about you. Just because you don’t like me doesn’t me you have to be mean or hateful or do or say things that are unkind. Just like me. If I don’t like you it doesn’t mean I have to say ugly things (even though I may slip) or let my actions be ugly. Even in this quote telling the truth sometimes can be more hurtful and I don’t think the truth should always be told…depending on what it is. I try to remember to be Godly and love. I don’t have to like, be best friends, or forget things but God does ask me to love and forgive. Sometimes those things can be hard BUT it is something we must work on. Your jagged edges are the imperfections of being a human and yes they will cut people and yes those people will learn respect but maybe those edges shouldn’t be so jagged. Are we suppose to cut people? Are we suppose to harm people? God doesn’t ask us to cut people. He ask us to forgive. I forgive but I don’t have to forget. Just like you don’t have to forget either. I have learned in life that being mean and hateful only makes things worse. I have learned that kindness, patience, love and forgiveness actually work the best not for the other person BUT FOR ME! I learned that I AM BETTER INSIDE when I do these things. THEY ARE NOT EASY but I try my hardest and have battles in my chest good versus evil but don’t we all?

I can only be me. I can say things that come out wrong but I really didn’t mean them the way it came out. I can be quite silly and goofy and clumsy. I can be a total wanch. I can gossip. I can cry when I get really mad. I can get awkward when I don’t know what to do. I can be LOUD and annoying. I can sing karaoke and do it very terribly. I have some of my grandmother in me and can hold grudges and can cut people off easily if they betray me. BUT I can be loyal and love like nobody business if you are loyal to me. I can be a motivational and helpful person. I can want the best for people. Do you see where I am going with this? I am not perfect. I am going to do things wrong or good but that is just who I am. All of these things make me RIVERS. Just like all of the good and bad about you make you YOU. HERE IS THE CATCH: just be you with some sugar on top. I can’t let my bad things come out all the time or I will just be bad. I have to fight my bad things so that I am not totally evil and bad. It is easy to give in and do bad things. Standing up and being the bigger and better person is the hardest thing to do.

So I find this quote to be a very good one. Screw it if somebody thinks you are loud and annoying and just be you! But I do believe we have to battle ourselves sometimes and try to be a BETTER us!


Just  because it is Christmas and you have already gained a little weight doesn’t mean you should stop eating healthy and exercising until after new years! All you are doing is ADDING MORE WEIGHT!! I think of this time of year to maintain my weight. No I probably won’t lose weight during the weeks between thanksgiving and new years BUT I can maintain myself. I may gain a pound or two but not too much more! I try to workout and eat good during the week so that when the parties come up on the weekend I can play a little more. Once new years gets here and all the parties are over I am going into full swing to finish losing in a few areas! January and February I will hit it hard but until then I am maintaining!

Try to keep that in mind for the next couple of weeks!

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