HOW IS ROUSEY’s Book so far??? Let’s Get ROUSEY!

Just an update on the book I am reading…..ummmm two words LOVING IT!

It is motivating me in all aspects of my life and I love that she is honest about her struggles and how hard it was to get to where she is now. She is such a hard worker and I commend her!

Pick it up today! I am about 3/4 finished and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it! It will be a book I pick up a few years from now and reread again just because I get motivated reading it!

Pick one up for a younger girl as well! I believe it is a good book for young girls to read because they can see how hard she worked to get to the point she is at and how it wasn’t just handed to her. She made something out of herself and I think young girls can see her as a positive role model. 

Happy Reading!

Let’s Get ROUSEY!!!

(see what I did there, pretty clever…No?!?!)

Okay SO I LOVE to read..ME?!?! YESSSS, ME!! BUT finding time is quite difficult with my life but I still try to squeeze in a few books a year! My read coming up is Rhonda Rousey’s New book My Fight/Your Fight. I am pretty excited to start this and will let you know what I think of it when I am finished! I think it is great to surround yourself with great positive influences and I can’t wait for her to motivate me! She has worked hard for what she has gotten and I can’t wait to be inspired by her! NOW does that mean I want to be a UFC fighter, no. You may not even watch her fight on paper view but you can still read this and be inspired and empowered by her! Her struggles can help you get past your struggles to help you achieve what you want, just like she did! 

Women need to empower other women and not tear them down. She does what she does and she is good at it. We are all different people and we all aren’t going to want the same things in life WHICH IS PERFECTLY OKAY! Go support her and help empower her so that she can help empower you and other generations of women.

Not into reading? Don’t have time? Try an audio version! I don’t care for the audio version but quite a good bit of my friends do! It may be your style!

Click the link below to take you to amazon to view/purchase the book:


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