411 on Blue Apron

Okay here is the 411 on Blue Apron. We have been doing it for weeks now and I must say I really do like it. WHY? I set mine to deliver on Fridays so when I get home from work I have everything I need sitting right there at my front door. I don’t have to think whats for dinner I just open the box and cook! 

I usually plan Sunday – Thursday on my menu and leave Friday and Saturday open because I never know whats going to happen. Fridays I need to go to the store to cook for the weekend and after a long week of work nobody wants to hit the grocery store, this is the main reason for my loving blue apron. All the food I have had has been good. You can set it up to fit  for 2 people or a family plan. We did the 2 person, 3 meals first for a while then we switched the family plan for 4 people for 2 nights. Total cost is $69. There are different menus for each plan and you can choose for the week what you want that they are preparing. I choose two out of the four things they are offering each week and if nothings sounds like I want it then I skip that week with no problem! This Friday I have a shrimp boil (see pict above) and sweet and sour stir-fried beef dinner coming. The next weekend I have steaks and catfish coming. We have had eggplant Parmesan, pork-chops, up-scaled tacos and burgers, and such in the past. All the ingredients are fresh and the best of the best. There are a few cons: time and calories. I don’t necessarily have the time to pick the tiny oregano leaves off the stem every night. Dinner is usually an hour…very hard with 3 kids. The other thing is the calories! Dinners are 500-700 calories per serving! That is high! SO I usually eat less and take my bakery top bun off and so forth to save on some calories. We typically save these meals for the weekend when there are two people at home to help cook and take care of kids, have the time, and when we usually eat higher calorie meals. 

We love blue apron but I want to make some suggestions to them. Have a “lighter version or calories meals that are 400-600 to  choose from as well! Also, I would suggest a recipe that is “quicker” to make. When you go in to choose your options for the week you have their normal meals, a lighter calories option, and a quick meal to choose from. I get that they are doing fabulous dinners, with great products, and that does take time so I am not hating on that! It would just be nice to have the option of the others!!

Bottom line: I love it! There are other programs out there like this. My aunt said the one she used (I forgot the name) her chicken kept arriving warm. I have never had that problem so be sure to investigate the one you use. Next I want to try the farm box which ships for free. It delivers fruits and veggies to your front door!


Click the link below to take you to the blue apron site:



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