GAME FACE ON – Totally gonna kick his A$$

Okay so yesterday we went to the club for lunch after church and as usual the club had fried, fried, fried, oh yeah and more fried food. We stuffed ourselves mainly because we had to eat so fast… the kids were smearing chocolate pie on the white tablecloths, the baby was SUPER fussy and we had to take turns eating.  When you are dealing with utter chaos you can’t think about what you’re eating, you just shove and go! We were exhausted by the end.

Later on I was washing clothes and Russell was saying how he was going to eat super clean this week and I smirked. Why did I smirk? Number 1 it’s FALL and Number 2 its FOOTBALL season and if they play in the SEC or NFL we are watching them. Yes we have our favorite teams we cheer for but a game is always on – I am out numbered with 4 males… sports will always been on for years! Good things I like sports! Anyways back to the story…in my head I was thinking Yeah right, no way!

Well, Russell caught my smirk and was all like what in the hell was that? (giggle, giggle – as I say nothing) All hell no once you do something like that Russ is all on top of that! Competition! and so our “friendly” competition began…Oh I can so outlast you…oh yeah right I can so outlast you! This goes on and on and on until it becomes a legit bet. He can eat clean and healthy but it’s football and fall – he will want hot wings, beer, dips and chips, bratwurst, whiskey and so forth. Especially because our end date of 4 weeks straight will include Octoberfest weekend with LOTS OF Beer and food! (insert evil laugh here) He thinks I am going to lose because of sweets! He would be right but I got him there because I have all my healthy sweets I eat so I am totally gonna kick his butt!

So what is the deal? Eat super healthy and clean for 4 weeks. At the end of it whoever wins gets whatever they want.  OH YEAH…I haven’t made up my mind yet what I want…I am still thinking…I want it to be GOOD!  (don’t think too long on your’s Russell – don’t want you wasting time-LOL) We argued about the beer. He says it is from the earth (wheat, barley, water, and hops) and I say still not “super healthy” and so we agreed on 3 beer max a week for both of us. I may have to agree somewhat as long as the beer is in moderation it should be okay. It has been proven a little alcohol helps! I may do a glass of wine instead of a beer on the weekends. Russell will obviously have to eat more calories than me to keep his bulk and we are required to write down everything that goes in our mouth and the amount…even if it is a skittle. We are eating higher protein, higher healthy fats, and lower carbs. We are eating things like grilled chicken, salads, turkey sandwiches, oil based dressings only, raw almonds, eggs – those sorts of things. I am so gonna kick his butt because with his business he eats out a lot for lunch while I eat at my desk. 

Don’t get confused. Russell and I eat pretty healthy but on the weekends we usually do whatever we want. AND Russell tends to eat less healthy  than me because he can. God gave him a high metabolism and I want to stab him for this. BUT Russell does work his butt off in the gym. I tell him all the time just because your body “looks” good and you workout doesn’t mean you can’t eat un-healthy stuff a lot because of your cholesterol and heart.

I’ve got this in the bag and my game face is on with my s%#* talk ready! 

SO the questions is….Do you think a beer or a Toddy is considered okay or healthy since it’s mainly from the earth?


2 thoughts on “GAME FACE ON – Totally gonna kick his A$$

  1. I think so. I like to drink light beer, which beer afficianados cringe at. But – they’re low in carbs and calories, and give me the taste that I like.

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