FU*K Being Fat- Adrian Bryant Workout

I accidentally ran into this workout video and I thought some of you may like it! I was talking to some women the other day who can’t afford the gym, personal trainers, or to buy dvd’s. This guy is working out and you can follow him while he is doing the workout – like his is a personal trainer. The video could be A LOT  better but hey – it is a free workout!

It is a HIIT workout. The workout is around 30 minutes and he talks you through it the entire time. He also has motivation through out it with weight loss pictures. He has more that I haven’t checked out. I didn’t do this because I am on some set work outs right now but this may be up some of your alleys. If you like to follow someone this would be good. I am more of do it myself and get it done but I think some of you could relate with this guy, he is funny too! Check him out! 



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