The other day my sister-in-law was talking about these books she had read in her 20’s and loved them and she picked them up again and now she hates them. Her comments were that of course the books haven’t changed, its her that has changed. She doesn’t think its cute anymore to be dumb and the girl in the books is a liar and only cares about money, etc…

That got me thinking… especially since my birthday day was last week (#32)… THAT’S ME!! 

I have been wondering WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME!?!? I am quite different from the girl I was in my 20’s, even 29! Something about your 30’s makes you a different person, so I am sure in my 40’s and 50’s I will be quite different!  I had family members tell me I was so different in 2004 than I was in 2000. Um, yes. BECAUSE we grow. I didn’t think things were quite as funny in college as I did in high school, I was growing up and maturing. Each stage is different. You have the pre-teen you, teenage you, early college you, later college you, middle twenties, later twenties, thirties, forties, 50’s, etc… Each stage is different and if you look back on stages you already passed you are different!

I never was one that cared about money or being dumb like a lot of girls that age but I was into MY LIFE! I didn’t care about what was going on with everything else in the world. I feel like from 15-30 we are pretty self-centered. I would have NEVER thought that about myself at that age but looking back OMG, it’s LIKE totally me (as I toss my hair and roll my eyes, lol) After having my first kid I started seeing the light and with each kid after Beck I really started understanding what life is about. It isn’t about being cooler than the person next you, having all these material objects, for everybody to know your name, and so forth. All those things are ME things – self-centered. LIFE IS BIGGER THAN THAT!

I am not into the OMG like you.. totally.. looking rocking tonight and partying until 5:00 in the morning (that was sooo like 2002, ha) I am not about (and never have been) being stupid. Not learning, not reading books, not looking at the newspapers or news isn’t cute. I am more mature in today’s world, I would rather have a glass of wine and a nice dinner with a friend rather than go to a party with 50 “friends” drinking crap beer and screaming over loud music. I am more connected to the world and the people around me.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am a social butterfly and love to go do things! BUT I feel like it’s the whole quality over quantity type thing. I am focused on the family I have made and want to do as much with them as possible and create memories of us together so I choose my family over doing things social (a lot)….because isn’t that what is important? I chose to marry and we chose to have kids so I make the choice to put those things first. I made that commitment to both things so I should do my very best.

30’s make you see the light more but kids are what really make you way less selfish. 30’s have been a real eye opener for me. I have never felt more confident in myself and my body and I just feel better in general about myself. I stopped focusing on what others think and more on what I think. I wonder what 40’s will be like?!?!? My mom says that the 50’s and 60’s are so freeing, you just really overall stop giving a shit what everyone else is doing or saying..your just over it! 

Reason for this blog your asking??? It is okay to be different! We are different at each stage of our lives. We will grow and mature and that is OKAY! Sometimes we just have to accept that something that we use to like of find funny isn’t quite so funny anymore. We change, our personalities change, our likes and dislikes change – it is okay! It LIFE! Enjoy each stage! I look back on my 20’s and laugh! What a time I had doing and going and thinking the dumbest things were just so fabulous, for freeing and no responsibility! Now I am in my 30’s and I am enjoying being more of myself and spending time with my family. Priorities change, life changes and it doesn’t mean its a bad thing…its just a “different” thing. Different is good or your entire life would be the same and that is boring!

Go out and LOVE the stage your are in! This stage will pass and you will look back on it with a shake of your head and a slight smile because you are now wiser. You have LIVED and LEARNED.


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