I need to always be proud of myself but sometimes I have to have a reminder!

That is what im working on!

FOR SURE! We hate on ourselves A LOT! I was in the mirror the other day saying okay you need to work on this and that and then I stopped. I looked at myself and said YOU BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. You are looking better than you ever have and you are being healthier than you ever have. YES you have imperfections but you be proud of what you have accomplished so far and SO I AM! I will never be perfect and that is okay! I can be proud of how healthy I am and my stronger body and even proud that I teach my kids and friends the importance of being healthy! I need to always be proud of myself and sometimes I actually have to remind myself to be proud! SHOCKER, huh?!?! ha! Let’s all say to ourselves BE PROUD! Be PROUD about who you are, what you have done, and what you WILL do! You are a strong and powerful person! Set your mind to it and ANYTHING can be done!


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