Have to start somewhere

This is soooo true! HEY, who cares what I look like! At least I am trying my best to be healthy! You have no idea what another person has been through. They may have a medical condition, depression, etc… and are working their butts off! They don’t need your shit to add-on to an already stressful life!

Get out there and be healthy! Even if you feel like everybody is staring at you at the gym OR you are in the health food aisle of the grocery store with eyes on you. It doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks! What matters is getting yourself healthy! Be the best that you can be! We all need work – no matter what NOBODY is perfect!

Bottom line don’t judge or hate – EMPOWER and HELP! DON’T DISCOURAGE that goes for ANY body type – fat or skinny! No negatives about  ANY BODY! Just SPREAD THE LOVE NOT HATE!

photo from pintrest.com



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