On the go breakfast – in my RED SOLO CUP

Who doesn’t love to wake up with breakfast ready in a cup to go?

Image result for red solo cup

This has been simply fabulous! My red solo cup of oatmeal is my new BFF!

I have been getting a red solo cup and putting 1 cup of steel-cut oats  in it, pouring about 1 1/2 cups almond milk (unsweetened 30 calorie per serving one) stirring in 1 scoop of whey protein powder (my flavor of choice has been vanilla) and blueberries (mine were fresh and I froze them). I stir everything up and put a piece of foil on top. That is it! I wake up and throw a disposable spoon in it and go! I know some people put in the mason jars but that is just one more thing for me to have to worry about getting back home and washing after the oatmeal has sat and crusted all day. I know it’s not very earth friendly but for now with 3 small kids this is what I have to do to make sure I eat breakfast!

Russell doesn’t like the protein powder in his oatmeal but it doesn’t bother me! Gives it a sweet flavor and I get extra protein. Now there are a lot of ways to make them you can use vanilla, almond, caramel flavorings and so forth, different berries and fruit, different protein powders (or no protein powders) nuts, soy or regular milk just get creative and build it to your taste! I have made it with water instead of almond milk and of course it isn’t quite as tasty but hey water if free and has less calories! The one I have done above is so easy that I just keep going back to it! For a while I was making this hot but then decided to try the cold way in the fridge. (If you make it hot: Make your oatmeal as normal add a little extra water or almond milk when it comes out of microwave or stove top to stir in the protein powder and then stir in blueberries.)

UMM LOVE THIS, no cleanup! I just grab it on the way out the door, I eat it walking up the stairs to work or while pulling up someones pants to get them dressed and to school. Trying to get 5 people fed and dressed in the morning can be quite a chore for Russell and I. Sounds pretty easy to feed a kid and dress him but between meltdowns about not wanting to watch what the other kid is watching, packing lunches, fights about going to school, baby who just wants to be held and fed plus dirty diapers things get crazy quick! Not to mention if they hear the shower going you better believe a kid is about to join you, which makes the process even slower.

This has been so easy and has kept me full until lunch..you heard me I have been skipping my morning snack because I am just not hungry!

Now go to the grocery store and buy what you need to make next weeks breakfast healthy, easy, and fast!

Here are a few sites with different overnight oatmeal recipes to help you get creative:





thanks to genius.com for the image


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