I’m back in the saddle! LET’S RIDE CLYDE!

I’M BACK! Sorry for the hiatus! My last post has been quite some time ago! I had Grey and Beck at home all summer and then the last two weeks Noah joined them. Russell was gone to Boston for work and had a little procedure done, he is Chamber president as well as Lieutenant of the fire department and we are building the house so time has been an issue to say the least. I had so much going on that I had to pick and choose so I had to let the blog go for a bit so I had time to work out. Workout or Blog? I needed to workout to tone up this post baby body….so I made the choice to help myself this time around. Sometimes you just have to focus on yourself and that is what I had to do. I mentally needed the workout and physically needed it. I hate I couldn’t motivate some of you for a bit but I am back to try to help you get your mind right!

I have had lots of questions how I did it. I know it is exhausting and you feel like you can’t do it! Grey is still getting up for a 2/3 am bottle. I don’t let it stop me! It is very difficult TRUST ME but I KNOW I NEED the workout! I just give it my best and that is what I have to be proud of! Some days I would squeeze in 2 or 3 workouts (short ones) and usually I had 3 kids hanging all over me. Sadly, Noah did get stepped on one day while he was working out with me.

I did a lot of different workouts this summer. I swam laps at the pool, ran just a bit, biked a few times, Barre, PiYo, and 30 min Max. I am loving Shaun T’s 30 Minute Max because I can always squeeze in 30 minutes, it is a killer though! I was cleared at the first of June to workout so I have been working out for two months now. There is a local triathlon in 5 1/2 weeks so I want to try to do it BUT I am back at work so swimming and biking are going to be difficult to do. When the DSU pool opens back up (hopefully next week) I will go two times a week at night and then on the weekends. The bike is probably only going to happen on the weekends. Running I hope to squeeze in at lunch or in the afternoons before I pick up Grey and Noah! I am not worried about swimming and well the bike I am always slow but I still shout TAWANDA even at my 10/15 MPH  pace…so I will probably  be slow again and I have accepted that! The run is what I am worried about! UGH the heat index this week was 115 actual temps were around 103. Hitting the pavement is hard already then add high temps. I am going to really focus on my running the next 5 weeks and just build muscle in my legs to help with the biking. This time around I just have to do what I can do- I am working with tiredness, post baby body, 5 week training time while having 3 kids and work – I have a lot against me but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. SO I PLAN to participate in the triathlon here at DSU… 500 yard swim, 18 mile bike, and 5k run – pretty easy start-up, right?

Side NOTE: I never updated on Grey I have had some messages about him! We went to the neurologist and he is great! His soft spot can be seen and felt now and the skull you can see is moving around and looking so much better! We are very lucky and blessed to say the least! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

So here we go guys! Back in the saddle! Let’s do this!!

www.accessmontana.com thanks for the photo


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