Will Sweatpants kill your relationship?

She has her hair fixed, make up on, a shirt that shows her stomach just a bit. She is at least trying to make the sweatpants look cute and I think she pulled it off!   http://www.thisnext.com- image

OK so I a while back now Eva Mendes made a statement about sweatpants being the cause of divorce. I have been wanting to blog about it but just keep forgetting! Well not tonight baby! People all over the country flipped out on Eva and she apologized. Ryan Gosling came to her side and said it was a joke and for everyone to lighten up.

Why did she have to apologize? I 100% get what she was saying! She isn’t saying that wearing them once a week or wearing them with make up is going to destroy your marriage. What she is saying is that when a man comes home everyday to find his significant other in sweatpants, hair or teeth not brushed and just pure sloppy it is unattractive. It is okay to do this every blue moon but a lot of women get stuck in a rut and they stop trying. I wear sweatpants or yoga pants…um actually as I am typing this I have my husbands grey sweatpants on and a black spaghetti strap shirt sans the bra I DO have make up on and my hair is in a low side ponytail so I still look a little cute! I don’t do this all the time so it is no big deal but there are people out there that just stop trying. If you are going to wear the sweat pants everyday even after I told you not too then AT LEAST do the hair and makeup thing and put some really sexy underwear on!

Men and women both stop taking care of themselves. They let themselves go. Everyone stops eating healthy, stops working out, stops dressing nicely and just become slobs. When you met that man or woman of your dreams they weren’t slobs! All the sudden we stop caring for ourselves and then the other person stops being attracted to us and then they start looking elsewhere…..ding ding ding YOU GUESSED IT…DIVORCE. Sweat pants are okay! BUT do not wear them EVERYDAY! Wear a tight shirt, put on make up, fix your hair, and for goodness sakes please brush your teeth. This is a pretty reasonable request! I mean really! 

I am always one for dressing up but I always dress differently! Some days I am dressed super professional, others I may be a little hippie, or country. I swap it up a lot! Why not have fun and dress so differently, you only live once! I like dressing differently because it also gives me different “rivers”. I feel different when I dress different! There are a lot of different sides to me and so I feel that I can express them all through my clothes!

I understand the love of the sweat pants but I also understand that not taking care of yourself and making yourself look attractive can definitely help kill your relationship. So tonight when you get home from work don’t reach for those sweat pants grab some cute comfy short shorts and a tank top…while you’re at it spritz some perfume on, brush your teeth, throw on some lip gloss, and your mood will change as well as your husbands looks towards you!

I have said it a billion times on here!

Trust me and Eva ditch the sweat pants tonight! Tell you significant other for me…..your welcome!


6 thoughts on “Will Sweatpants kill your relationship?

  1. I agree for the most part, but I definitely need some time to let my hair down, so to speak. At the end of the day, when I don’t have to go out again, I love putting on sweats. I would never wear them out, like to a mall or restaurant. I haven’t seen a new post for a bit, I hope that you’re ok!


  2. You realise that this article pretty much says “keep yourself pretty so men can continue to objectify you”

    Who needs feminism!

    • No, the article is about how people tend to get comfortable in a relationship and stop trying. Just because you’ve been with your significant other for 1,5,20,40, etc years doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Re-read and maybe you will understand.

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