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UPDATE: Okay so I tried Shakeology a few weeks back and I was not impressed! I did it for an entire week and I also had my husband try it. For some reason it gave me heartburn and I didn’t like the chocolate flavor. Russell thought the flavor was good. I didn’t see or feel a difference from it. It was like any other protein powders I have used and Russell agreed. I called and had them refund my money. The guy I was talking to said he loved it and saw a difference but that his brother didn’t. I think if you are an unhealthy eater or new to the protein shakes you will see and feel a difference. I however eat healthy and have used protein powders for quite some time. I will not be buying this again but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it if you are interested! HEY, anything that gets you going and feeling good that is great! It just wasn’t worth the money for me! As for the decrease in sweet cravings I saw maybe a 10% decrease so a slight decrease but not much of one!

Hope this helps those of you on the fence about it!

Shakeology – What is it? Basically its a protein shake packed with superfoods. It boasts it has more than 70 nutritious ingredients. It has been around for 6 years now.

Let me say this first I am not one to buy shakes for meal replacements or go on their fad shake diet! I have always made smoothies and protein shakes at home for a quick breakfast or snack! 

I have looked into Shakeology before but never did it because of the price! Holy Cow is it expensive, $130 plus $15 dollar shipping for 30 shakes – a 1 months supply! This makes each shake a little less than $5 dollars. I know that eating healthy is expensive but DANG! I have always just made my own smoothie/protein shakes! BUT the more and more I thought about it I decided to plunge in and try 1 month of Shakeology after the baby! So I decided why not? They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee! I am so exhausted with all the feedings, lack of sleep, my body repairing itself, all the other boys, and work still needs me here and there that finding quick nutrition that is healthy is hard in the beginning. I also thought look at all the vitamins and nutrients that are in it unlike my normal protein powder – that would definitely help my recovering body and lack of sleep self. I thought what is it going to hurt?  AND let me say this ….WHY I want to try it ? Strictly the VITAMINS and other nutrients in it! THAT is the only reason!!

NOW, let’s get this straight! FIRST off I am not a beach body coach – I don’t plan to be one because I believe exercise comes from everywhere and I won’t JUST promote beachbody – I promote all healthy things! SO I am not trying to sell Shakeology by any means!!! NEXT, I am trying this simply because I need a quick healthy shake that I literally just mix water or almond milk and the powder and go! My smoothies take a couple of minutes longer and sometimes those few minutes are precious in the beginning! THIRD, I thought the nutrients in it would help me out the first few weeks of recovery – much better than throwing whatever I can find down my mouth! PLUS, The carbs and sugars aren’t terrible so I can have this while watching my sugars get back to normal and not have to think about it quiet as much!

So I was going to get Vanilla so I could mix the powder with some recipes I have for my protein shakes BUT I decided to go with Chocolate because I really need quick and simple right now!

Okay so am I working out with this? Not right now. I just had the baby and won’t be cleared until 6 weeks to exercise and usually I have to wait 2 to 3 months before I can start doing any jumping because my body for some reason acts up when I do too much jumping. So once I am cleared at 6 weeks I will take it slow, elliptical type workout, bike riding, light weights, swimming, etc… Around 8 weeks (that is usually my magic number on healing) I will pick it up a good bit and throw in some high calories burners a couple of times a week!

I will update you all on how the shakes taste, do I feel any difference than drinking a normal smoothie or protein shake, etc.. in the coming weeks!

Click the link below to take you to the nutrition facts:


Quick Look = Calories from one scoop 160, Total Fat 2, Sodium 150, Fiber 6, Sugars 6, Carbs 17 – LOTS of vitamins

I compared the nutrition labels to quiet a few out there organic – cheaper etc.. and right now nothing has beat shakeology. NOW that is not to say I haven’t missed something out there. 

Click the link below to learn about shakeology: 



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