Commitment! That is my “secret”!

My mom says this all the time! AND it is so true! I am always so happy for other women when good things happen to them! Sure I may get an immediate jealous spell of a minute but then I remember that they deserve it – whatever they got they worked hard for and I should lift them up and praise them!

I have gotten praised on my post baby body and I have also gotten shit for it! I  have heard it was my gestational diabetes and that is why I am the way I am or that I caught two viruses while pregnant. I have been asked what was my secret or what was I doing?

You want to know???

I work out and eat pretty healthy..before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy… and….

I am a working mom of 3 kids. A lot of times the food off my plate is taken by my boys and I am chasing and playing with them 24/7. I am a very active mom and I give a lot of attention to my children. I don’t sit on the couch and read or watch tv all day. Yes I did get two viruses while pregnant, yes I did have gestational diabetes and had to eat extremely well BUT before that I was working out and eating pretty healthy already. I continued to workout and I didn’t let being pregnant stop me…even though I felt like crap for most of the pregnancy.

People act like I am not tired…um NEWSFLASH I’m exhausted!! I too get up all hours of the night to feed and take care of crying children! I too go to work everyday. I too have other responsibilities. 

I started walking as soon as possible when I got home from the hospital and I have been hitting the gym before I was even cleared. Obviously I have kept it easy up until now! This past week I started hitting it hard! I went swimming one day and it felt great to get back in! I also hit the gym and did Max 30. Well let me say: too much too soon. It really is the Max 30 that is giving me troubles and all the ab work. So this week I will do Max 30 modified (no jumping) and see if that helps with the bleeding and swelling in my stomach. It is so irritating because I am just so ready to go! I will make sure I eat super healthy though!

You know why I make it look easy? Because it is the way I handle things. I don’t whine and complain about everything that is happening in my life every single day. Yes I am tired- duh that is a given…I am a mom of 3 under the age of 5. I do and go 24/7. I don’t have poor me pity parties, I suck it up and move on. I squeeze in a workout because I know it is good for me mentally more than physically! I have been working out with Grey sitting right in front of me pretty much everyday. Monday I had all three boys and did my workout with fire engines around my feet! I did it with the others when they were babies as well! I don’t get to workout in peace and quite every single day. I have to force my workouts. I usually have to stop and pacify grey and then start right back up but hey at least it’s a workout! Pretty much all my workouts this week have been at home in my tiny living room with my baby sitting right in front of me. Now beck is home so I will be working out with two at home and some days three. No excuses, Right?!?!

You want to know my “secret”. Commitment. That is it. I am committed to living a healthy life! Nobody is doing it for me. No special pill is doing it for me. IT IS ALL ME! Committed to living a better and healthier life and THAT IS IT! So join in with me! Commit with me! Let’s do it together! I know it is hard – been there! Just commit and once you do it will be easier!

IMG_2908 (2)

This was taken two weeks after baby. Girls Night – it was greatly needed! Lots of laughs!

thanks pintrest for the image!


2 thoughts on “Commitment! That is my “secret”!

  1. I remember being stressed out when my twins were toddlers. Then I realized there was no sense in pitying myself and just did what I had to do. Once I was past that, there wasn’t any stressing. BTW, you look amazing in the photo!

    • I know, I agree with you!! – so easy to get stressed! I tell myself to let it go 24/7 – suck it up- on move on! Plus I will blink and it will be over in a heartbeat! So I try to enjoy every minute – even the stress filled ones while I can because someday they won’t need me.
      Aw thanks!! Trying to stay healthy!

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