BE BAD, then GOOD, then GREAT!!


When I start a lot of new things in my life I am usually bad at them. FOR EXAMPLE: when I started my art I wasn’t very good, the talent was in there but I had to work my ass off to get better and better and become the artist I am today. I haven’t stopped getting better. The more I work the better I get each year. When I started working out I sucked, my husband can tell you that! The more I did it the better I got! 

When trying something new or starting over again you are usually bad. Do you think Lance Armstrong, Micheal Phelps, Picasso, or Serena Williams were all just good? Do you think they just walked out on the courts or up to a canvas and wowed everybody? UM NO! Reality check! It all came with hard work! They put in the hours and worked their butts off! They were bad, then good, then great! 

So don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself! Start off bad, then good, and then BE GREAT! It actually makes reaching great that much sweeter! 

thanks for the image!


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