To Bellefit or Not to Bellefit?



Very Attractive isn’t it? LOL

So, I have read about corsets and waist trainers in magazines, on the internet, and have seen some celebrities endorsing them for quiet a while now. I have always been on the fence because I have read some negative things and I was a little worried. One of my friends around town was asking me about them and was going to give it a try after her c-section. I have done research before and couldn’t decide whether to try or not, she researched as well and decided to go for it. 

So we talked about it after her c-section and she loved it purely for holding her stomach. She bought two sizes a Large and Medium. She wore the large at first and then after a few weeks switched to the medium. So I decided okay I am just going to buy one and try it! Well, my mom ended up surprising me and sent me one in the mail as a gift before baby. 

I read to put it on the day you leave the hospital…well that would be 2 -3 nights but I was in the hospital for 5 nights. I tried to put it on the “day” I should be leaving. UMMM NO! It was too uncomfortable it was pulling and pushing my cut belly, tried the next day nope! I finally wore it when I got home the next day on Friday the 10th. Okay so at first I could only wear for 4 hours and then a little longer and then a little longer each day. I loved it the first few days because it made me stand up straight. After a baby we all tend to slump because we have been carrying all that weight in our bellies. Then if you have a section you tend to slump more to protect your stomach and it hurts to stand up straight because you are pulling all the sore organs in your body. It was a relief on my back and after training my stomach through stretching it allowed me to finally sleep on my side! When having a section and you sleep on your side your belly falls to the right or left and guts feel like they are being ripped and pulled from your inside, the corset held it all in place! I took naps on it but didn’t sleep in it at night. I have yet to wear it all day long or every single day in a row. I bought the medium and it fits comfortable now, the swelling at first of my belly did make it uncomfortable so if you have the money I would suggest getting a larger and smaller size if you don’t I suggest just getting the smaller size.

NOW, some people buy this thinking it is going to make them skinny. I don’t believe this helps you have a smaller waist – if it does I believe it makes you stand up straighter so you appear slimmer and when you stand up straighter it is making you work a little more muscle so you might actually lose a touch BUT as far as some miracle slimmer…no. I used this strictly to help my stomach. You tend to hold your stomach after a section because walking or jiggling hurts so the corset holds it for you.

My mom bought me the hooks closure one and the girl in town bought the zipper one. YOU need the hooks or zipper if you have a c-section. The others ones pull up and you definitely don’t want that!

So do I believe this would help someone with a vaginal delivery, I think everyone woman would like it after delivery just to help you not hunch over BUT I think it is more beneficial to women with sections. It helps replace that pillow you hold on your stomach for comfort!

The girl in town gushed that it helped her get out of bed on her own after so many days and I could see that. I usually get out of bed on my own after 1 day just because I have too, I am big on trying to handle pain as much as I can without meds and walking very early but I could definitely see how it helps get out of bed! It helped me almost a week after getting out of just makes it easier and a little less painful.

Bottom line: if you have extra money I would buy one for vaginal because it might be a relief to your back after carrying that heavy baby. If you are having a section I believe the money is worth it- even if you only use for a few days! It helped me with the boys here to move a little faster and so forth. I am going to wear when I work out the first few times to help keep everything in place, I will let you know how that goes!

I did experience some heartburn that I read about in a magazine. Dr’s were saying they were worried what it was doing to your GI Tract. So that is one reason I didn’t wear all day every day. The other girl never took hers off. Just personal preference on what you do!

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