You get what you give!

da mo 712 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Had to post this! SO funny and SO TRUE!!

If people would just put in the hard work and effort you can have the body you want! It will take some time and work! It isn’t an overnight thing like surgery but you will get it! You will get it the healthy and natural way! PLUS, surgery isn’t changing the problem necessarily! A lot of people have liposuction, etc… but that doesn’t change my eating and workout habits which means I will probably have to have it done again some day. Also some people are overweight from stress eating or emotional eating and they have surgery. That didn’t fix the real issue!!

Get off your lazy butt and get out of the house for a walk! Then instead of picking up a cookie this afternoon grab a bowl of fruit and water! Make some small changes and see how you feel! I bet by working hard and getting the body you want will actually feel much better than having surgery to get a body you want. PLUS, you just never know what can happen with that surgery! Ever watched Blotched? Enough said, Right?!

Oh and remember that old saying

“you get what you give”. 

thanks for the image


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