Welcome to the World Mr. Grey


Well let me up date you all!

Grey Edwards Gainspoletti was born Easter Weekend on Saturday, April 4th at 5:09 p.m.

 He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.

I had my last Dr. appointment that Wednesday and I was dilated some with lots of pressure. My c-section was scheduled for the next Wednesday April 8th. My Dr. was coming in as a special favor since he was off call that day but assured me if I went into labor he would be there and was on call all weekend. I had the boys on Friday the 3rd all day and we had been out at our land playing in the dirt having a wonderful day though I was a little achy. That night I woke up cramping and having IMG_2580contractions. We got dressed that morning and went to the Easter egg hunt downtown so the boys could hunt eggs. Then we went and had lunch, I told Russell we may be headed to the hospital just give me some time. We went home and let Noah nap and I prepared bags and things for the week. Then we headed to Clarksdale to the Emergency Room. My mom met us there to get the boys and we all headed up to labor and delivery. As soon as we pushed through the doors I saw Dr. Cesare and I just started crying. I was like OH CRAP this is it! Dr. Cesare told the nurses as I was strolling past “She’s in pain – she’s hardheaded, so this is it.” Russell will say very quickly that I have a high pain tolerance.  They came in and started everything and I was having contractions back to back. We headed back to surgery to get my spinal and I was so thankful that Zach came in to do it for me! We had to work in between contractions to do the spinal so it took a touch longer and then they had to monitor my heart before they started. Dr. Wells my pediatrician came in and was waiting and she just watched me smile and smile she said! I told her, yeah I was all smiles after I got that spinal! HA  Dr. Cesare came in and we got started! I got a little nauseated and my bp was a little crazy but as always Zach made me comfortable quickly. They had a tough time getting him out. I am always pulled and pushed on the table but this time was crazy. I had so much pulling and pressing – I thought they had broken my rib and the pain was running up my chest which felt like someone stabbing me then that pain ran to my right shoulder. NEVER had this happened before. He was a large boy and they had to move things a touch more than they normally do. His head was 14 inches and that is the first thing Dr. Cesare said about him. He had a hard time getting him out. A lot of it was swelling from all the pressure and he had some bruises from hitting my bones where he couldn’t fit. (this is why I have to have sections- my curved spine and hips won’t allow the baby to pass through without stress to the baby) As his head was coming out Zach pointed to Russell to look and Russell did thinking something was wrong – he saw his head coming out of my stomach and about passed out and sat back down. He ALWAYS stays on my side of the curtain, he can’t handle looking at me in IMG_2630that way. Russell and I were smiling and waiting for that cry.

Grey of course had some blood sugar issues which we knew would probably happen with my blood sugar issues this round. They started feeding him and then when they were looking at blood work found some numbers off, he had an infection of some sorts. Dr. Wells pumped his stomach and immediately started meds on him. He didn’t get to eat until that Monday so he lost a touch of weight while we were there. We got to go to the nursery the first few days to see him and rock him. Thank goodness Dr. Wells is so good at what she does. She even came to check all my work I was having done. That night after surgery my heart rate dropped back in the 30’s and my temperature was so low it wouldn’t register so they had to run warm saline in my drip, put blankets and the bear machine on me all night hoping that would work and it did! The next day (Easter) I felt great I woke up and walked and just did so good. That night my middle brother was in a car accident on the way to the hospital for his job, he ended up being fine. The next day however I felt terrible…thinking I did too much the day before. Russell left to go get Beck because he didn’t have school and took care of him all day and played with the boys until later that night. When he got there I was doing bad. I had been having gas pains so bad they were making me throw up. They were like labor contractions. This was my 3rd c-section and I have NEVER IMG_2648 (1)had gas pains like this before and I have had bad ones. It was over 48 hours and I had yet to pass anything. During surgery they had to move my insides so much this time that is made it worse. Apparently the more you move the worse it is – I believe it! I was taking all the meds I could. Russ and my mom were helping me get through them, wiping my face, helping hold a pillow over my section. My brother (who is in cardiology) came in and we were talking about it all and FINALLY the meds kicked in – after HOURS! Well we wake up Tuesday morning and Russell if feeling sick to his stomach, then we get a call Beck was throwing up since 2am. Russell headed out. I start calling around and apparently a lot of the people in the waiting room Saturday had gotten it. Beck, my mom, my dad, my sister-in-law, my mom’s best friend and then some people who were at Easter lunch, my cousins, their kids, and aunts all caught it as well! Everyone I knew who could bring me food, clothes or whatever I needed was pretty much sick or out-of-town. My dad had the dirt poured for the IMG_2639house that Monday and of course got sick and rain was coming in and is still coming in! I was fretting because we still didn’t know what release day was for baby yet, she was saying 3-5 more days of meds there and I knew I couldn’t go home with the virus. Dr. Cesare was saying I had one more day to stay and not to worry he could put me in extended stay since the baby was sick. Tuesday morning I was feeling a bit queasy so I didn’t see the baby all morning and I didn’t eat all day or the night before, I figured it was because I had yet used the bathroom and it was, but I was paranoid I had the virus as well! That afternoon I felt it coming…my breast were hot, red, and swelling. I had chills and I felt like I was getting sick. Dr. Smith came by to check on all my internal stuff and saw that I looked pale and started x-rays and blood work. We have no idea where the 101 fever came from but I believe God sent it. My boobs were so engorged is the only thing they could find. I know that sounds insane but he knew I couldn’t go home and had nowhere to go and I think he sent just a little something to keep me in there with Grey another day! I texted my brother that day and asked him after work to drop off dinner and some food for me to survive the next day by myself. He came in after he got off work around 8:30 and stayed with me for a bit while I had all the test done. Dr. Wells came in that night and said he had improved so much she could send him home but not to a sick environment. It was a very quick virus thank goodness!! So on Thursday we were all cleared to come home! Praise lord, 5 nights! 2 entire days and 2 entire nights by myself -that is one of my big things! I hate being in a hospital room by myself but there was nothing to be done! I couldn’t risk IMG_2663getting the virus if anyone came up there! I made it just fine…and I think that was God’s plan…for me to trust him!

We came home Thursday afternoon and we are adjusting to life with 3 kids. He is doing great and is a great baby! The boys are loving it! They bring him blankets and kiss him. Noah thinks he has a new pet! HA

I have been asked will you have another. No. I always said I wanted 3 and I am done.
Holding Grey I couldn’t picture him as a girl, we needed a 3rd boy! He fits just perfectly!! I am healing so good from my sections but I don’t want to push it anymore. My heart and my body is not up to big surgeries and I don’t think I should keep risking it.  Dr. Cesare did an AMAZING job! I am healing so good and you can only see one line instead of 3! AND that is why I use him! He is so good at what he does!!!


Yeah so I am one of the lucky ones who got to have labor contractions and have c-sections with every single pregnancy BUT I would do it all again in heartbeat for each of those boys plus some! My heart is full and my family is full! We are just as we should be! PERFECT in my eyes!!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Mr. Grey

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the world, Grey! We have 3 boys, too, and there’s never a dull moment. Best wishes for you and your family!


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