Don’t let people stop you from what you want to achieve!


How true is this? You know it seems not just from myself but from a couple other people I have heard this. They are working so hard towards their goals and when they reach one of the little goals along the way somebody comes a long and tries to take that goal away or make it less. I have had this a lot. I am a hard worker and I make my life what I want it to be. I don’t take NO, I ignore the haters, and I do what I want. 

One of the girls I was talking to best friend has been basically jealous of her weight loss and healthy lifestyle change. She has said some things that weren’t very nice. I have also seen it with a promotion or advancement of the career world. People get jealous and say things that they shouldn’t say. 

Don’t be one of those people. Don’t say things that are inappropriate or not nice. Don’t take away from that person that has worked hard for what they got. They WORKED for it. Don’t be mad at them for that, applaud them and use them as inspiration!

It is not fair. If you reached a goal would you want somebody to say something bitchy to you? NO!! You would want people to encourage you and applaud you! That gives you strength to go on and do more things! We should lift each other up, not tear each other down!

I had a few people make comments last year about me being in shape. I had reasons listed to me of why I can be in shape and they can’t and I also had people try to point out my flaws to prove I am not perfect. Well thank you! You can throw that list out the window because I have a full-time job, husband, community activities and my third baby is on the way……so I am thinking I have a long list of reasons why I “can’t” be in shape as well. AND HELLO..of course I have flaws – I AM NOT BARBIE- I am not perfect! I have really long feet, I do have some “hormone” dark spots on my skin, I have a little junk in my trunk “hips and thigh” wise. BUT you know what..Can’t help it! I can see my flaws just like you can see your flaws. Do I call out your negative spots to you?? No I do not. I try to say Positive things. I was always taught by my parents to never (or let me say be watchful of when to say) hurtful things because you can never take them back. People don’t forget when you have said something even just a tad mean. It stays with them. For example I saw a girl last night and I can tell she has lost some weight, she is looking great! I didn’t say “well you have lost weight, diet pills? OR “well you are looking good but your thighs are still big” out of jealousy or meanness I SAID “Girl, You look wonderful!” and she proceeds to tell me she is running and hitting the gym. AND I meant it!! I am sooo happy for her! She is looking so good!! I was not the least bit jealous of her! I know she has been working her butt off and she deserves it!! Just like my husband (he is probably going to kill me for writing this) He is looking the best he has ever looked and a couple of guys have said a few things “like toothpick with muscles” but then a lot of people have said holy cow to him as well. He deserves what he looks like! He also deserves what he reaps at work. He works his butt off! He has been getting up at 4:45 in the morning to hit the gym or going at 8:00 at night, he has been eating and eating and eating (which sounds hard but it really is hard to eat that many times a day) and what he has to eat is for example is Grilled Chicken, Veggie, and Rice – every day multiple times a day! Yep, that gets old really quick! He has done an amazing job and has really committed and I must applaud him because he looks really, really good. He has always been fit and looked good but this is a whole new level, this is movie star body level! He has committed and is now reaping the benefits of all these weeks of hard work!

Jealousy is a bad, bad thing! Career promotions, a new house, new significant other, get pregnant or have kids, lose weight, tone up for example people get jealous if they don’t have what they THINK you have! If your new house is better than theirs they can’t handle it, if you got pregnant before them they can’t handle it, if you are getting fit they can’t handle it! This isn’t a competition we should be doing things to better OURSELVES and not worry about competing and being better than the person next to us. We need to compete with ourselves and be a better person than who we are now!

AND don’t worry if you don’t get words of encouragement because that is motivation right there – they are jealous and don’t want you to succeed. They say things ugly to make themselves feel better! So take that and use it to make you work harder!

thanks for the image!


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