Southwest Chicken- Quick, Easy, Cheap, and pretty healthy!

So I got this from some random place months ago and I decide to try it! The boys ate it up plus it was easy and good! 

Southwest Chicken

Boneless Chicken Breast (I used 7 frozen chicken tenders because that’s what I had)

1 thing of salsa (about 2 cups)

1 can black beans drained and rinsed

1 can of corn drained 

I added some water to mine, just to make sure it didn’t dry out before I got home!

Dump all the ingredients in a crock pot and I cooked mine on low for 6 1/2 hours and then just left on warm.

When I got home I shredded the chicken in the pot! Now, it said to serve over rice but we were all over the place Beck had swimming and Noah wanted to play outside – I didn’t have time to do the rice. SO, I grabbed some spicy nacho cheese chips for us and cool ranch chips for the boys threw them on the plate topped with the southwest chicken and then topped with cheddar cheese. All of them just kept eating – yes even the 2 and 5-year-old ate it up! It was so good! So we ended up making Southwest Chicken Nachos!

You can serve these over any kind of chips regular tortilla chips, fritos, etc… We just already had the little bags lying around so I used those and that way everybody got to pick their flavor chip and I could watch the proportions of carbs on mine! This is also a great recipe because everybody can pick what they want to put “under” the southwest chicken or if you can just eat it by itself!

If you do use chips instead of rice make sure you eat right after. Don’t let it sit around or the chips will get soggy!

Sorry guys I forgot to take a picture!


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