Be confident! There is at least 1 thing that is beautiful in/on EVERYBODY!

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Just a helpful reminder! Sometimes I am not confident but I have to talk to myself and make myself confident. Sometimes I am scared and I have to talk to myself and tell myself it’s okay to be scared but I have to work through that feeling. Get it? WE have to push OURSELVES to be better and become that person we want to be. Sometimes I have to “act” confident even when I am not feeling confident. Then everything starts falling into place! Talk yourself up and don’t let your head think too much!

I use to tell my girls in the classroom this. They would laugh and then one day a group of them came to me and said they used it! A group of 4 went to a football game at another school and the girls were staring them up and down and they felt under dressed so they just stood there awkwardly at the bottom of the stadium. Finally one of the girls said remember what Mrs. G says…..they all laughed and “prissed, as they said” their way right up the stadium. That right there was “acting confident” until the confidence kicked in! I told them to hold their heads high because everybody is pretty is their own way. Some girls have the most thick, shiny, beautiful hair while someone else may have the cutest button nose, another girl may have beautiful eyes and somebody else may have pretty hands, a girl may be really witty or intelligent and that makes them beautiful. I told them to be confident in themselves because there is at least 1 thing that is beautiful in EVERYBODY! It may be hard to find sometimes on certain people but GOD made all of us and so I know that there is SOMETHING beautiful in/on all of us! 


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