Cherry Lime La Croix

So my new obsession is La Croix water. Earlier in my pregnancy I drank the lime trying to help with nausea and then I got off it because I got so sick and had to go to coke to make me feel better. BUT now I am back on it! I sometimes just need a fizz and this pregnancy I needed a lot of fizz on my stomach. So when I found out I had gestational diabetes I had to find SOMETHING with fizz but no sugars. So I went back to drinking my La Croix and then one day I tried the Cerise Limon “cherry lime” and I was in HEAVEN!!! This new flavor is to die for!! Okay…okay, It is to die for to me! Russ was like yeah its okay BUT it taste wonderful to me because all I had  was water and un-sweet tea for a couple of weeks, this was a godsend! I can have a burger and drink this and it totally satisfies my need for the bubbles!

They have lots of flavors (around 15) – this one is by far my favorite so far!!

They sell at Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Amazon that I know of!

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