Oatmeal Pancake Time!!!

SO last year on March 22nd I posted this recipe! I wanted to post it again BECAUSE I have been eating these in the morning for breakfast since I have gestational diabetes! I have been making mine without the stevia in them and I top with light whip cream and berries! I also have been putting blueberries in the batter and making “oatmeal blueberry pancakes”. These have helped me get through the mornings! My stomach is kind of uneasy in the mornings so this is like having a pancake without actually having the pancake. The other morning I made Russell some and put half a scoop of protein powder in it. He said he couldn’t really taste the difference, just a touch drier – so maybe if you add one more egg white it will cancel out the protein powder – just another way to get a little more added protein to it! I thought I would re-post this for anybody out there that has diabetes or gestational diabetes OR for any of my “healthy” peeps out there!

Pancakes (where did I get the recipe from? NO IDEA…some fitness/muscle magazine)


3 egg whites

1/2 cup of oatmeal

dash of cinnamon (I add more than just a dash!)

 stevia to  your taste (optional, they didn’t have in the original recipe but I added it to make a little sweeter)


Put it all in a blender to mix. Spray pan with cooking spray. Spread out the batter in the pancake forms. Cook until done! They cook pretty fast!! Much faster than a typical pancake! 

Top with fruit and light whip cream if you want! Next time I make, I am going to try adding a few blueberries to the batter and see how good they are with the berries cooked in to the pancake!

**The key is to spread the batter out when you put it in the pan. They won’t spread on their own and if you don’t spread them they stay thick! Better to thin them out some! I can eat them without the cool whip BUT 2 tbsps won’t kill you and it makes them wayyyy more delicious!

I tripled the recipe and got 5/6 (depending on size you make) pancakes from it.

Calorie wise – check the side of the ingredients BUT  there is 150 calories per 1/2 cup in oatmeal, 17 calories per large egg white and of course stevia and cinnamon zero! I estimated it to be 200 calories for two small pancakes (what one recipe will get you) If you add the light whip cream you need to add the 2 TBSP for 20 calories to it and then however much fruit you put on it! I don’t count fruit in my calories a lot of times though!  I can’t remember how many calories are in the turkey and cheese sausage – Russell is the one who really eats those – I think they may have been 120?!?!?!? Don’t quote me for sure on that! You will have to check that out yourself. I like them but can’t afford the calories a lot of times! AND of course, he can…MEN! LOL

I liked how easy these were to make and healthy! They can get pricey! I was using 9 eggs a day on just 1 day of breakfast so you might not can afford to have these every day!

Same pancakes but this time topped with blackberries, strawberries, and a dollop of light cool whip! Turkey sausage on the side!

Same pancakes but this time topped with blackberries, strawberries, and a dollop of light cool whip! Turkey sausage on the side!

Pancakes with just strawberries and turkey/cheese sausage!

Pancakes with just strawberries and turkey/cheese sausage!


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