Diabetic Pear Strudel


Diabetic Pear Strudel

Well, you know I have gestational diabetes so I have been watching it like crazy but I just NEEDED a warm cobbler or something like it and I came across this!

I made this the other night and HOLY COW it was SO YUMMY! NOW, I thought…this is just so good because I have had to lower my sugars and carbs so this taste amazing but it really isn’t. NOPE! The boys kept eating and eating! They all LOVED IT! It was EASY to make, pretty HEALTHY, and CHEAP! Don’t get me wrong, when you look at the nutritional info you see that this is not something you can have every night! 

Ok with the recipe I used stevia and didn’t use any other sugar. I cooked mine on the parchment paper! I also used 2 sheets for the puff pastry one for the bottom and one for the top and made mine into a different shape (I wanted to make mine larger so boys would have dessert tonight after supper). OH and I didn’t “roll”out my puff pastry (I was in a hurry) I just laid it flat-topped with the almonds and pears and put the 2nd puff pastry on top and sealed! I served mine topped with Light Spray Whip Cream! This is tasty for EVERYONE!! YOU WILL SIMPLY BE AMAZED! Just trust me and try it!!


Below is the nutritional info and the link to the recipe!

Click the link below to take you to the recipe:




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