Hitting the Gym while pregnant

I have been texting Russell and laughing this whole time when I have hit the gym I get lots of stares! I have been doing PiYo with adjustments, squats, lunges, machines at the gym, arms, treadmill, the elliptical and the stair-master. It has been on and off and it hasn’t been hard-core full-out but I tried to keep up somewhat this pregnancy. THEN the boys and I got sick and couldn’t go to gym nor did I have the energy! So I started working my way back in to the gym being careful since I have been off for a month! I walked on the treadmill for 15 mins the first day and stretched then the 2nd day I did 20 mins on the elliptical and squats. I am slowly doing a few things to get some of my muscle back. AND now @ 36 weeks Grey has gained so much weight in the pass week or two that walking and the stair master aren’t really an option..my belly is quiet large and in charge and I am getting a little uncomfortable plus I have to pee literally every 10/15 minutes – no I am not kidding…I was quiet shocked the day I made it 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Anyways, I have been texting Russell when I get to the gym because I get the funniest looks. I think some are trying to figure out if I am in college or not (I workout at the college gym because it is free since I work there) I think some are in shock to see a pregnant woman at the gym and then I have had a few that look slightly worried, like they need to watch me in case I fall off the treadmill or miss the step on the stair-master. I definitely feel uncomfortable at the gym because of all the eyes on me but I still go and raise my chin and try to get in a little workout because my swelling stays under control, it helps to keep me somewhat fit for the birth of this baby (yes I am having a c-section and don’t have to “push” my baby out BUT I must have strong arms and legs to help take care of myself afterwards since my ab muscles get cut…try getting out of bed and not being able to use your stomach…you core muscles help you do everything), and it helps keep my gestational diabetes under control. Exercise during pregnancy is great as long as you watch how hard you are pushing it!! 

I feel like a lot of us use this time as a time to be “lazy”. With Beck I worked out until 7 months and Noah I never got to workout due to my hectic schedule of having Beck at home all day and work and with this one I was off and on doing stuff at my house, work, or the gym! I tried with all of my children to not use this as a time to eat whatever and lay on the couch. I know how hard it is to lose the weight so I always tried to keep that in mind and not go crazy. NOW don’t get me wrong I had my fair share of brownies or whatever as well but I definitely didn’t do it every night! This pregnancy I really tried to stay healthy especially since I have the diabetes right now.

You should take care of your body whether pregnant or not BUT just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. Exercise is actually going to make your pregnancy better (if you are having a normal healthy pregnancy). AND as far as those gym stares they shouldn’t make you feel to self-conscious – I think a lot of them are just applauding you on the inside for staying healthy while creating a miracle!

34 week @ the gym

34 weeks @ the gym

34 weeks at the Gym

34 weeks at the Gym


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