Gestational Diabetes

Yep so I have it. What is it? Basically I am a diabetic while pregnant with pretty high chance of getting diabetes later in life.  I ate like the “diet” said too for 2 weeks before I took the 3 hour test and still failed it.

So basically you are watching your carbs (which I do already) watching your sugars, eating every few hours, portion control, protein with everything and so forth.

Ok sounds pretty easy right? WRONG! First off it would be easy to fix tuna, protein balls, protein shakes but I can’t have certain things like tuna or protein powder while pregnant! Also you have to be careful with the smoothies and protein shakes because of the sugars. Well what about artificial sugars or stevia you say…..those are known to spike sugar as well. Yes I can have them but I still have to watch it. Eating every 3 hours is easy, because I have always pretty much done this! I already watched my carbs and didn’t eat hardly any white carbs and I already do a lot of portion control.  The hardest part has been finding the proteins, so I have done slim jims, cheese, almonds, plain yogurts, etc.. Next is the no sodas – I don’t have a lot but when I eat a burger or I am queasy I WANT a soda! So I have switched to La Croix – it’s not great but hey at least I get the carbonation!  My favorite is the cherry lime one!! I am starting to really like them now!!

I used to think why can’t people with diabetes just eat healthy. I mean come on, it isn’t hard to eat healthy. BOY was I mistaken!!! I feel so sorry for diabetics, it is SO HARD!! You have to pack food with you because you can’t just run in and get anything from the gas station or a fast food place. I used to grab a parfait at McDonald’s and now I am like oh no- that won’t work! It is also about combinations……Like when I eat fruit I also need to eat a protein!

I have a new-found respect for people living with diabetes. NOW, will I get diabetes when I am older?? I honestly don’t know – my grandmother had it and the way it is looking for me is yes. SO even after I have the baby I have to watch my sugars for a few weeks BUT I am now on a NEW “HEALTHY” eating! From now on, I will stick to my La Croix, no more coffee with stevia, fruit or carbs will always be eaten with proteins..I am pretty much going to stick with a diabetes diet – except for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, etc.. WHY??? BECAUSE I can potentially hold the diabetes off for a few years or forever! I plan on trying to do that! If I can go ahead and make some more changes to my already healthy eating plan then it won’t be hard for me later!  I am already submerged in it now so why not go ahead and make a lifestyle change?!

I decided to do this because of how horrible I felt this pregnancy. It is literally poison to my body. A friend of my moms has diabetes and she asked him how he doesn’t eat all the cakes out in the lounge and so forth and he responded with “I think of it as poison”. AND HE IS SO RIGHT! One day I had a little sweet and I was with the boys and had to sit and felt awful. It hit me- it is like poison. It felt like I had taken a bite out of a poison apple and I could feel it running through my veins. I can’t explain how terrible I feel but poison makes so much sense!! 

I only have a few weeks left but I will be sharing some recipes to help during pregnancy if you have gestational diabetes! Eggs get old for breakfast day after day! So I will do my best to up date with some gestational diabetes friendly recipes!

I am still learning about all of this and figuring out how my body responds to what I eat when I eat it so it is a work in progress! I will try to stop this on my own before it does become a problem down the line! I don’t want to be on meds or have all the problems that come with it. So here is to a new healthy lifestyle change that will be added to my old healthy lifestyle change! I will just be adding some new tweaks to it! I saw my grandmother suffer and I refuse to be like her! I will take this bull by the horns from the beginning and not let it “take charge of my life”. I don’t care that it may be 10 years before I get it or whatever…I will start now so that I can have the best life for myself and my family!

Taken February 26th, 2015!

Taken February 26th, 2015!


2 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes

  1. I worked with a person who had diabetes, but I’m not sure which type. He went low carb and within 2 years was off of all meds. BTW, you look amazing!

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