A friend of mine has been struck with superwoman guilt. She feels that she is failing in all areas of her life when she can’t handle it all. Life can get INSANE – even more insane when you have kids! It is hard balancing it all and women think they HAVE to do it all! Wife, Work, Kids, Friends, Church, Community activities, etc… start to add up. You have to choose what is the most important and start working your way down the list.

When our kids are sick and only want us we can still ask our husbands to help. Russell will grab towels, turn on the shower, help strip us down and get us in bath. He will keep me hydrated, get the kids drinks – or just whatever! I don’t try to do it all by myself I ask him to help in different ways. Trying to do it all by yourself is just bad for everybody. You become resentful and everybody starts arguing because they are tired and irritated! 

I know I can’t physically do it all and I have to let it go. I have to do the best I can and move on. I am not superwoman . I have written on this before but I just can’t stress it enough to the women out there! Stop trying to do it all! Nobody is going to remember that your cupcakes weren’t homemade at the bake sale or that your kids had on white socks instead of dress socks at church or whatever! People will remember how polite you were,  sweet, friendly, and how much you smiled! 

Yes it is hard but stop putting all the expectations on yourself! NOW, go buy your kids valentines party cupcakes and be done with it! And when you get an eye from another mom, tell her where she can shove it!

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