No more Mrs. Whiny Pants

Well I must say, I am exhausted! No, I really am. I have had this dang upper repository infection for 5 weeks now and I am over it. I got meds last Tuesday so hoping those will eventually kick in! Noah is switching to his big boy bed in Beck’s room since Mr. Grey will be here in about 9 to 10 weeks! Russell is out-of-town on business and I am pregnant. haha  I really wanted to walk or head to the gym but I am just exhausted and don’t know if I can. Sometimes it is best to just listen to your body and not go. I am just dying to go since I haven’t been in forever!

I am also wanting to go so I can step on the scale – I don’t own a scale-  if I want to get on the scale I have to go to the gym….see how my evil plan works 😉     I am wanting to go see my weight because I had a Dr’s appt last Tuesday at which I got fussed at because I lost 2 pounds since the month before visit. I told her that wasn’t right and to which she said,  “Except that it is” and I replied that the nurse took 2 pounds off my weight (they do  this but usually its only a pound) so that weight is wrong! She is right, doesn’t matter if they took 2 pounds off or not, that means I didn’t gain weight either and I should’ve gained. I got the eye and a somewhat scolding to make sure I am eating enough and then I had to list what I ate that day. I told her I am eating!! I can’t eat a lot of cheese, milk, yogurt or I get heartburn from hell – like dying! I would love a bowl of cereal, a smoothie, a glass of milk, a big fat yummy yogurt but it is not worth it. I can’t stomach some foods just because my stomach feels so finicky. I am forcing myself to eat and Russell has been forcing me as well. Food is a sore subject for me right now and I am doing my best to get the nutrients I need so that the baby is healthy and so that I stay healthy. Grey will get all he needs from me but I will be the one lacking. So I am wanting to go jump on the scale to prove her wrong! I know I have not lost 2 pounds! I see her next week and I plan on proving her wrong 😉  I predicted I should have gained a total of 10 pounds when I went to the dr last Tuesday. I knew Grey was about to be really growing and so I knew my weight would jump. Her paper was showing I only have gained 7 pounds. I did NOT like hearing that.  I should be at a total of 11/12 pounds by next weeks Drs. appointment and I am doing my best to make sure that scale says what I want it to say!  I better weigh more!!  I don’t ever say that – lol! 

I also hate the fact people question me about am I not eating to not gain weight?? UMMMM NOOOOO! It is not the weight gain, I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t want to gain a lot of weight but I am just having a difficult time. I did have a difficult time with Noah as well. Beck was different. Noah and Grey have been similar  that my stomach just can’t eat or handle a lot right now…I don’t know why..I just can’t. I am not avoiding food on purpose or “watching my weight” I just can’t. I even stepped up the food I am eating and I am making it a little more “fattening” to make sure I am at least getting calories.  

So enough of my whining, that I am sick, missed my workouts ( I guess what you would call workouts, ha) kids changing, husband gone, baby weight gain/loss crying crap! Enough poor pitiful me because I KNOW somebody’s life is a WHOLE LOT WORSE than my little bitty things! Whenever I start whining, I start thinking about how bad it really could be! 

What I am getting at is….. LIFE CAN SUCK AT POINTS. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it! I think it is your attitude that helps you get through it easier! If you can put a smile on, have a positive attitude and really work through it then it will be much easier!

So I am slapping a smile on, I am grateful for a husband with a job, for sweet kids who are both doing their best to acclimate to the major change in their little lives, and that I don’t have a major pregnancy problem! Life is good and I am glad that I have a chance to live this incredible life I get to experience with the wonderful people who are beside me!

I expect you to have a similar attitude today as well!! 


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