Fruit – nature’s candy?


If I hear again that fruit is not great for you because it has a lot of sugar I will probably go crazy! I just have a hard time believing that eating a big bowl of fruit it not good for me or that it is just as bad as eating a candy bar……bull honky! It is from the earth! It is clean and natural – nothing is added to it!  True it has fructose and pretty much the sweeter it is the more sugar it contains but there are a lot of healthy things that come from fruit as well! Like fiber, essential vitamins, antioxidants and such! You want me to take out fruit and replace with some man-made supplement? Ummm, have you ever really seen a person that basically lived all natural ingredients that is unhealthy or overweight? Nope, I didn’t think so. There is a reason for that…God put it there for you to eat! He created your body, he knows what you need to eat, he created the food to nourish your body! Now go nourish it without feeling guilt!

For all you people out there trying to watch how much fruit you eat because it is “natures candy” – go forth my friend eat as much as you desire! Screw all that crap! I say it better than me drinking a huge milkshake!

(unless medical reasons tell you not to eat fruit, then you probably shouldn’t)

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