A little facial never hurt anybody….

Kate Somerville - ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Okay, so I got a sample of this from Sephora with my make up order and I must say ……..

“THIS SHIT IS BANANAS”  – Gwen Stefani

 Amazon does have it like $10 cheaper than Sephora! There is a small tester for around $20 dollars as well! But the 2oz. is around $75 to $85 dollars – YEP!!! I was like HELLLL NOO, when I saw this but then I used what I had left in the small packet and my face did look so much better! Then I started thinking in my head a good facial is around a $100 or so……so this is like multiple facials for $85! — Like how I did that? Make myself feel like it’s okay! I am buying some next month – this month I wanted some new makeup 😉 

I am all about trying to take care of yourself and I feel like if you can do things like this for your face and body you will stay healthier longer! 

Men don’t be afraid or to shy to take care of yourselves as well! IF you just can’t do these because they make you feel less masculine they also sell men’s mask and exfoliation creams! Take care of your skin and be proud that you do!

In case you want to go direct click on the links to amazon or sephora!

Amazon is below:


Sephora is below:


picture from sephora! thanks!


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