mason jar saladOkay so I tried it! 

It sounded to good to be true! I have seen this for a long time now (on the internet) and just couldn’t believe the produce would stay fresh!

AND IT DID! Okay here is the info!

I made 6 wide mouth quart mason jars full of salads last Sunday night (1/4/15)!  I did wet ingredients on the bottom and worked my way up with the dry ingredients! My salad this week was…black olives on the bottom, with cucumbers, tomatoes, then I put in broccoli – on some I did carrots – then lettuce – then not on all but some I did cheese (depending on what dressing I wanted to use).

As of Friday (1/9/15) at lunch….my salad has been quiet delicious everyday! Still crisp! 

I boiled eggs peeled and put in baggies to carry on Monday and Tuesday. I just added those last minute…I didn’t think that would do to well in the mason jar! I wanted to try the avocados but I was too scared! I was afraid they would brown and be mushy! So I would add those later as well. I forgot to cook and add my chicken because…well because I am pregnant and have forgotten everything! My plans were to cook two breast on the George Foreman and put them sliced up in Ziploc bags…I ended up being okay with just using the eggs though!

When making the salads you can adjust what you put in the jars so that each day you have a different salad. Croutons on the top one day, the next almonds! THINK when placing in there though! 

HECK YEAH! Lunch was so easy and fresh and delicious this week! I had no prep during the week..I just grabbed my mason jars and walked out the door! I stored my dressing at work with plastic forks and plates – BAM I WAS SET! No thinking about what I was going to eat – there it was ready to go!!! I bought 12 mason jars so I filled the others with cut up fruit to take to work as well! 1 mason jar would get me through 2 days of fruit at work without thinking about what snack or my “sweet” would be!

I am super stoked because I LOVE to eat fresh and love salads so this is PERFECT!!


3 thoughts on “TO GOOD TO BE TRUE????

  1. Wow, it really works? That sure would make things simpler for me during the week, and stave off temptations. Thanks, and I’m going to definitely try this. Walmart has cases of mason jars, so I’ll start there.

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