Update: 26 Weeks!



Here are a few pictures from New Years this year! I have a few people following me for updates on my pregnancy weight and how I am dealing so I like to try to write for them every once in a while!

I’m 26 weeks and doing good, just really tired. My hubby has been so good trying to let me even get 2 minutes to an hour extra sleep when I can. He has really helped me with this pregnancy and just done so well with the boys! He has been a godsend during this 3rd and very tiring pregnancy. With Noah I had gained 10 pounds at 25 weeks.  Right now when I weighed at gym I have gained 7 pounds. It keeps fluctuating. It said 1 pound heavier yesterday, but you know how the water weight is! I could have lost some muscle as well because Christmas Break allowed ZERO workouts! The boys were very sick with upper respiratory infections and both had ear infections….Noah is still on antibiotics because the ear infections are still there….They were on breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids, etc… AND Russell would have let me get something in but I was exhausted from the two boys all day and being pregnant that when I had a chance to sit I wanted to SIT! The gym was pretty much closed for the most part- their hours suck right now! AND I have DVD’s but I just couldn’t force myself! I could barely hold my eyes open much less do some squats!  I don’t worry with it but I keep a check on my weight for several reasons. Checking my weight during pregnancy keeps me motivated to not go crazy and eat an entire cake…because I WILL have to make up for it later!  BUT also it keeps me knowledgeable about how fast I am gaining weight, am I gaining enough weight, and helps me to watch my water weight. I am a freak about swelling and water weight after my pregnancy with Beck. 

Beck doing a breathing treatment

Beck doing a breathing treatment

My BP has been all over the place from 90 something over 50 something then around 120/85, 130 something..anyways so I keep a watch on it especially if I see any swelling. I have a weird heart, yes, weird. They have a hard time capturing what it does on my tests….let’s just say it likes to take a “rest”. Anyways, most likely I will have a pacemaker in 20/30 even 40 years! My cardiologist tells me that I am fine AND with my heart taking a break it may even just last longer!!! So it could be a good thing for me, maybe! ha  It is just one of those things I have to wait and see what happens with the old ticker. I do have a few dizzy spells but that is just because of my low heart rate. I don’t have to get worried unless I start passing out. ANYWAYS my cardiologist says check my vitals like BP …they need to be normal so that we know my heart is being “normal”. So I keep a check on it when I am pregnant and after I deliver for a few months. Then I go back to my normal routine of not checking it at all! HAHA

Noah feeling better and then got sick again. Still fighting his ear infections.

Noah feeling better and then got sick again. Still fighting his ear infections.

So far – I am keeping an eye on my weight I need to have gained a little bit more weight by now, I was thinking I should be 10 pounds I will go in to the next Dr. Visit at 28 weeks and if he says something then I know I have to step it up a notch and make sure I am getting the nutrients I need. Doing my best, trying to eat healthy, workout just a little, and give my body what it needs bc I know that Mr. Grey will be sucking whatever he needs right out of me and I am the one left with nothing.

Just happy that I am having a healthy pregnancy so far and trying to enjoy the last 2 1/2 months! Things could be so much worse than just the normal aches, pains, and such of being pregnant! We have been very lucky to have 3 very healthy pregnancies! I have seen so much in that past few years that I can’t say how grateful I am!


A few of the girls from the night! I am on the end in the long black dress.


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