Positive + Positive = POSITIVE

Negative + Negative  = Negative

Positive + Positive = POSITIVE 


When we are being negative and difficult it make others around us become negative and difficult. We need to focus on being the positive person! Try smiling even when you don’t want to, say something uplifting or brighten another persons day, find something so that your positive attitude spreads to others. Challenge yourself or a friend to do it with you! Start the New Year off right by trying to be more positive! A positive person is a whole lot better than a negative fit chick! SO while I know most of your resolutions are to “be healthier” really focus on “being more positive”!



2 thoughts on “Positive + Positive = POSITIVE

  1. Such a timely post. I was driving to work today, and listening to talk radio. It was all complaints about this and that. Then I realized that my day starts off with this every single day. That’s a lot of negativity to begin the day with! So, I switched to the music station and that’s where it’s going to stay. Thanks for this post!!!

    • Isn’t it crazy how the negativity just seeps in without us realizing it?!?!
      I love to get some good music going – I feel like my mood is instantly better!!

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