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No more Mrs. Whiny Pants

Well I must say, I am exhausted! No, I really am. I have had this dang upper repository infection for 5 weeks now and I am over it. I got meds last Tuesday so hoping those will eventually kick in! Noah is switching to his big boy bed in Beck’s room since Mr. Grey will be here in about 9 to 10 weeks! Russell is out-of-town on business and I am pregnant. haha  I really wanted to walk or head to the gym but I am just exhausted and don’t know if I can. Sometimes it is best to just listen to your body and not go. I am just dying to go since I haven’t been in forever!

I am also wanting to go so I can step on the scale – I don’t own a scale-  if I want to get on the scale I have to go to the gym….see how my evil plan works 😉     I am wanting to go see my weight because I had a Dr’s appt last Tuesday at which I got fussed at because I lost 2 pounds since the month before visit. I told her that wasn’t right and to which she said,  “Except that it is” and I replied that the nurse took 2 pounds off my weight (they do  this but usually its only a pound) so that weight is wrong! She is right, doesn’t matter if they took 2 pounds off or not, that means I didn’t gain weight either and I should’ve gained. I got the eye and a somewhat scolding to make sure I am eating enough and then I had to list what I ate that day. I told her I am eating!! I can’t eat a lot of cheese, milk, yogurt or I get heartburn from hell – like dying! I would love a bowl of cereal, a smoothie, a glass of milk, a big fat yummy yogurt but it is not worth it. I can’t stomach some foods just because my stomach feels so finicky. I am forcing myself to eat and Russell has been forcing me as well. Food is a sore subject for me right now and I am doing my best to get the nutrients I need so that the baby is healthy and so that I stay healthy. Grey will get all he needs from me but I will be the one lacking. So I am wanting to go jump on the scale to prove her wrong! I know I have not lost 2 pounds! I see her next week and I plan on proving her wrong 😉  I predicted I should have gained a total of 10 pounds when I went to the dr last Tuesday. I knew Grey was about to be really growing and so I knew my weight would jump. Her paper was showing I only have gained 7 pounds. I did NOT like hearing that.  I should be at a total of 11/12 pounds by next weeks Drs. appointment and I am doing my best to make sure that scale says what I want it to say!  I better weigh more!!  I don’t ever say that – lol! 

I also hate the fact people question me about am I not eating to not gain weight?? UMMMM NOOOOO! It is not the weight gain, I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t want to gain a lot of weight but I am just having a difficult time. I did have a difficult time with Noah as well. Beck was different. Noah and Grey have been similar  that my stomach just can’t eat or handle a lot right now…I don’t know why..I just can’t. I am not avoiding food on purpose or “watching my weight” I just can’t. I even stepped up the food I am eating and I am making it a little more “fattening” to make sure I am at least getting calories.  

So enough of my whining, that I am sick, missed my workouts ( I guess what you would call workouts, ha) kids changing, husband gone, baby weight gain/loss crying crap! Enough poor pitiful me because I KNOW somebody’s life is a WHOLE LOT WORSE than my little bitty things! Whenever I start whining, I start thinking about how bad it really could be! 

What I am getting at is….. LIFE CAN SUCK AT POINTS. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it! I think it is your attitude that helps you get through it easier! If you can put a smile on, have a positive attitude and really work through it then it will be much easier!

So I am slapping a smile on, I am grateful for a husband with a job, for sweet kids who are both doing their best to acclimate to the major change in their little lives, and that I don’t have a major pregnancy problem! Life is good and I am glad that I have a chance to live this incredible life I get to experience with the wonderful people who are beside me!

I expect you to have a similar attitude today as well!! 

Does a tight butt matter or does a healthy heart matter more?



Don’t make it about being “hot” “sexy” “skinny” “Jennifer Lopez” or “Kelly Ripa” !

Make it about being a better you! Not about being a Kelly Ripa YOU! You are not Kelly, Jennifer, Mila, Cameron – YOU ARE YOU! So be you! Be a fabulous you! Do things that make a better you!!! 

Be positive and focus on what really matters! Does a tight butt matter or does a healthy heart matter more? 

Keep it real and keep things in perspective!

Are you a fighter? Will you succeed? Will you reach your goal?

Stop blaming and pointing fingers at why you haven’t reached your goal- it isn’t anybody’s fault but yours! 

Life is hard and the world can be cruel. We all get knocked down but the ones who succeed are the ones who take the punches and keep getting up to fight! 

Are you a fighter? Will you succeed? Will you reach your goal? Only time will tell!

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Fruit – nature’s candy?


If I hear again that fruit is not great for you because it has a lot of sugar I will probably go crazy! I just have a hard time believing that eating a big bowl of fruit it not good for me or that it is just as bad as eating a candy bar……bull honky! It is from the earth! It is clean and natural – nothing is added to it!  True it has fructose and pretty much the sweeter it is the more sugar it contains but there are a lot of healthy things that come from fruit as well! Like fiber, essential vitamins, antioxidants and such! You want me to take out fruit and replace with some man-made supplement? Ummm, have you ever really seen a person that basically lived all natural ingredients that is unhealthy or overweight? Nope, I didn’t think so. There is a reason for that…God put it there for you to eat! He created your body, he knows what you need to eat, he created the food to nourish your body! Now go nourish it without feeling guilt!

For all you people out there trying to watch how much fruit you eat because it is “natures candy” – go forth my friend eat as much as you desire! Screw all that crap! I say it better than me drinking a huge milkshake!

(unless medical reasons tell you not to eat fruit, then you probably shouldn’t)

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Yeah, I get it! It is much easier to be Mama June than it is Kate!

This is what I use to think of the gym. working out, eating healthy!


Do you want to be overweight, unhealthy, and have a bad attitude about a healthy lifestyle?


Do you want to be a healthy good weight/size with an upbeat attitude?

Being overweight leads to a lot of issues such as sleep apnea, joint/back problems, infertility, decreased energy, depression AND of course all the others like diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc…!

What kind of life is that? One when you can’t run with your kids/grandkids, you can’t walk up and down the stairs, one were you must have an insulin pump, give yourself shots, and take meds just because you are simply not living a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to have knees that ache from carrying all that extra weight? Do you want to have trouble breathing while just sitting or sleeping?  Do you want to have issues conceiving a child?

We all know the answer to that, NO! Nobody wants any of these things but they do let it happen to themselves without realizing it! The more unhealthy food you eat and the little to no exercise you get will lead you into this life. You may not see it right now, but it is happening. Slowly it will sneak up on you like a ninja in the night.

Most people don’t realize how much weight they have gained or how unhealthy they are until they are way past the point of an easy turn around. Most don’t see it until one day they look in the mirror, see a photograph, or the Doctor tells them…and by this point it has become a MAJOR issue! At this point you have gained anywhere from 20-100 pounds without even realizing it. YEP! Here are some images to help 

Look, I get it! It is easy to be Mama June rather than Kate. I would much rather take a nap, get a coffee and read a book, catch up on a little tv BUT I MAKE THE CHOICE NOT TO! I know that after my workout I will feel much better about myself physically and emotionally! So I get my butt up and I get some exercise and instead of drinking the milkshake I want I fix a smoothie!

No more whining about how hard it is! YES, IT IS HARD! Go ahead and accept that fact! Nobody said it was easy! It can be hard living a healthy lifestyle but it also gets hard living an unhealthy lifestyle. Just remember that! 

Now go make the choice to live a better life for yourself!

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Don’t let fear or anybody/anything stop you from doing something you really want to do or achieve!

AND MOST OF ALL DON’T LET YOURSELF STOP YOU! We tend to doubt ourselves a lot of times and think we can’t do it before we even try!!

Tell yourself that you CAN and WILL!! And if you keep pushing through you will achieve that goal! It make take some time but you will get it! Good things don’t come easy!

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