The PERFECT Christmas!

We all have watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and laughed our butts off!! You gotta love Clark Griswold’s enthusiasm towards the perfect Christmas holidays! He thinks the family is going to come in and they are going to have a great time together with no distractions AND he will receive his bonus! He has built this all up in his head and when things don’t go like he planned, it totally throws him for a loop.

Aren’t we all like Clark Griswold? We all expect this WONDERFUL christmas! We have to have the eggnog or cheesecake, a real Christmas tree cut down from the forest, the perfect gifts, the perfect people….. Our family members will probably drive us nuts – We may not get the gift we wanted or the size we wear. My grandmother actually use to buy the craziest things! When I was in second grade she gave me thongs! I remember my mom grabbing them from me, lol! My brothers got glow in the dark sexy mens underwear! My mom has gotten underwear and shorts that 10 elephants could fit in (NO REALLY, one Christmas my dad got in one side of the shorts and I got in the other side!) My mom told my grandmother to please stop buying her moomoo’s because she doesn’t like them or wear them AND SHE said she didn’t care she kept on getting them each Christmas! We also got toothpaste, dish towels, dishes, ………the list goes on! She was all about the bargains! 

This time of year don’t rush around and get crazy stressed! It is all about JOY! Enjoy this time of year because before you know it, it will be over and you will be sad that the craziness is gone!

This is what makes Christmas memorable. Being who we are (that crazy annoying family who drives you insane)! Why do we love this movie so much? Because we all relate to it somehow! We all have a a crazy Christmas that isn’t perfect! There is no such thing as perfect! Sit back enjoy the eggnog and the cheesecake that didn’t turn out and smile! 






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2 thoughts on “The PERFECT Christmas!

  1. A great message wrapped in the comedy of Christmas Vacation! I love it when cousin Eddie finds out Clark got the Jelly of the month gift certificate instead of a bonus to pay for his pool and says: “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

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