What is wanted is not necessarily needed!

How many times do we say “I WANT….”? We probably think we don’t say it much but we really do! Keep count of your wants. I want that coke. I want that jacket. I want a new car. I want to go to the beach. I want that. I want this. WANT WANT WANT……which the definition for is: have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.

What we should focus on is saying “I want” less and start focusing on needs! A lot of stuff that we want is materialistic and we don’t NEED them.  We NEED water, food, love but a Chanel purse is definitely not a need – that is a want! These wants usually don’t MAKE us or KEEP us happy.

We are starting to build our new house and that is definitely a want. Yes, we need more space but really we can make whatever work! This house isn’t going to make me happy or keep me happy. It will be nice to have a nice house for my family but that isn’t where my happiness comes from. My happiness comes from within. If I was all alone in that house my happiness level would definitely be different! The house won’t make me happy! A new car won’t make me happy! An ice cream cone won’t make me happy. DON’T get me wrong – they will give you that blissful brief moment endorphin rush but then that is over and you are left there. True happiness doesn’t come from material things.

Stop saying I want and focusing on the materials things! Focus on what is needed! All the joys and happiness are not necessarily going to be a trip to Jamaica! This is the giving and receiving time of year so keep that in mind! The gift is great because someone thought of you! It may not be what you wanted but at least someone thought of you and tried!

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3 thoughts on “What is wanted is not necessarily needed!

  1. Sometimes the ‘wants’ in life are similar to a sugar high. The feeling associated with them dissipates, leaving us empty. The things we need leave us satisfied and are long lasting. Thanks for the reminder!

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