Yes, this sounds sooo familiar!

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Who hasn’t thought this when they first started running or even just exercising!?!?!

When I first started working out I was careful to say “I worked out” or “I hit the gym” “I like fitness” and so on. I was scared people would say “HAHA – she “works out” …what does she do?..She isn’t super fit and super skinny/toned” When I first started running I wouldn’t say I was a runner because I was so slow….ummm NEWS FLASH – if you run you are a runner! Even if you just run 2/3 miles a day or if you run 13 miles a day you are runner! There are different levels of running but everybody is a runner! AND the more I run the faster I get so boom!  ha

This weekend when you go out on your run I want you to say to yourself you are a runner! Then when somebody ask you are you a runner? Ummm yes I am is how you should respond! AND this goes with hitting the gym or working out as well! 

Don’t be ashamed because your “new to it” or not “hard-core”! Just be yourself and do what you do! FYI – you are working out so you can say I work out and not feel weird about it! Just because you workout doesn’t mean you must have big muscles, a 6 pack, zero fat, or you can run a 5 minute mile! Working out and running is about being HEALTHY!!! Not about your size and shape!


2 thoughts on “Yes, this sounds sooo familiar!

  1. Yes! “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle
    If you run a good bit, your a runner. If you go to the gym often, you workout. If you eat healthy a good bit of the time, you are a healthy eater. Nice post!

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