beck 532

Beck in his Saints Jersey and Noah in his Ole Miss pj’s! Excited for another baby boy to pass down the jerseys to!

In all this craziness I forgot to update that we are having another boy!  3 boys! You can just call me Olivia Manning!

We are excited and so happy that they have another built in friend!

Several people have asked or stated: Are you disappointed? Upset? I am so sorry! Having 4? Trying for another girl? and this makes me sad. I didn’t get pregnant to have a specific gender. I wanted another child because I wanted another child. I have prayed before getting pregnant with each child and before finding out what each child is for God to do his thing. He knows what I need and what is best for me and my family. Who am I to dictate what child I have? I pray before each child to him because maybe I want 2 or 3 but that doesn’t mean I need the 2 or 3. He knows what I need!

I am a really good boy mom! I grew up with two older brothers so I wrestle, play rough, etc… I am so excited to have another boy! My three boys are more precious than anything. I let God take over. A girl would have been fun to dress up, shop with and so forth BUT I dress my boys stylishly, we shop together (Russell is very into style) we can laugh and talk about stuff just like a girl would! 

I answer those people with a NO! I am sooo happy! I can picture my boys all laid out on the couches watching Saturday football games, having each others backs, playing in the mud, catching frogs together, hunting and fishing, riding 4-wheelers, throwing the football or kicking a soccer ball. These boys are my joy and mean the world to me! No girl could ever replace these boys! Plus I am still the Queen Bee ;)! All the men in my life can take care of me! I am lucky!!

Simply enjoy the gift God has given you. Don’t question it, doubt it, or whatever! I KNOW God gave me what is best for all of us! Take this with anything – this isn’t just with kids! God knows what is best and if you sit down and put it in his hands he will do what is best for you!


8 thoughts on “BABY BOY NUMBER 3!

  1. Yay! Congratulations!!! I’m with you. I keep going back and forth in my head whether to have another baby. I would do it in a second if I was guaranteed another boy. Boys love their mamas! !

  2. Congratulations! I have three boys as well. We got the same questions about trying for a 4th. I always, always replied that I didn’t care if it were a boy or a girl. My only wish was that the baby was healthy and happy. Now, if I can only get my 12 year old twins to shovel some snow….. 😀

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