Give Thanks

Well, I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while! SO here I am catching back up with all of you!

As I sit down to write all I can think about is being thankful. I know we just finished up the Thanksgiving holidays and now are entering into Christmas …you are tired of the word thankful, I am sure. BUT really I can’t help think about how good my life is. Sure there are problems here and there, it is not picture perfect by any means but I truly am blessed. I try to wake up everyday and give a shout out to the Lord, THANK YOU! As I was sitting in bed saying prayers with Beck last night I told him we should think of those less fortunate than us – kids with no homes, no beds, no food, no toys, and most of all no love. He looks up with big eyes and says Well, we can get those kids and give them our beds and our toys…they can all come live with us … and he continues on with his spill. I love how sweet and giving he is. When I start telling him that some kids have no jackets when it is cold out, they have no parents to tell them they are proud of them and they love them it starts to make him realize just how good his life is. It is easy to get in a rut and complain about this and that! I do it a lot! BUT really take a step back and ask yourself how bad is it? When I start saying ugh my back aches, I want to throw up, this baby is killing my belly I need to shut up and be thankful! There are tons of people who can’t get pregnant or have major issues and I just need to be thankful. When I start complaining about living in the condo while building my house….I need to shut up and be grateful that I am getting a brand new house some people don’t even have a home or electricity. You see what I am getting at? We can all find things to bitch about! The more we bitch the easier it gets! Just be grateful and thankful for what you do have. It may not be much but it probably beats another persons story.

I have heard so much true hurt and seen people overcome it that I really am grateful for my life. We forget just how good we have it!

Stop complaining and start being grateful and thankful!

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